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Hi everyone

This page is a list of resources that help make The Hopkinson Report happen. It serves as a central place for links to the products and services I use and endorse. Note that affiliate links are used where available.

You can also see an even more detailed list of Stuff I Love over at JimHopkinson.com.



  • Sponsor Opportunity: Looking to reach an audience of passionate entrepreneurs? Contact me.
  • Freshbooks

  • Freshbooks: The founding sponsor of this podcast from 2011-2013 was Freshbooks.com, the online invoicing program that I personally use to keep track of all of my business invoices and expenses. Check out their Free Trial.


The Blog

  • Blog platform: The blog itself is built upon the #1 blogging platform, WordPress.
  • Dreamhost hosting company

  • Hosting: I use a company called Dreamhost to host this site, as well as JimHopkinson.com and SalaryTutor.com. I have been with Dreamhost since 2007 and their reliability has been excellent. What are 8 things you should look for in a web hosting company? See my post How to Create a Personal Website.
  • AWeber email hosting

  • E-mail: I use AWeber to host the Hopkinson Report newsletter, and also used it to manage the Salary Tutor mailing list when I launched my book. It is definitely one of the most popular email providers for bloggers. See the email capture form in the right column? They have tons of templates like that and walk you through all of the steps for setting up a list, making sure users are opted in correctly, etc.


The Podcast

  • Software: I edit the podcast using Garageband ’11, which comes free with every Mac.
  • Blue Snowball

  • Hosting: When relaunching the show, I did a lot of research and decided on Liberated Syndication (libsyn) to host the media files for the show. They are the largest leading podcast network with over 1.6 billion downloads in 2010 and over 15,000 podcasts. The show was formerly hosted on Wired’s Akamai servers.
  • Microphone: Like many podcasters, I use the Blue Snowball Microphone. This is a very popular mic with podcasters, and gives a clear, high-quality sound for less than $100. I also added the Samson PS01 ‘pop screen’ (about $24).
  • Music: While the first 175 Episodes used the rights-free stock music “Headspin Long 2” from Garageband, the current podcast uses songs (with permission) from my 1996 Boston-based band, The Nasties. They are, in order “Postively Dead,” “Eat the Police,” and “No Education,” performed by Jason Newcomb (bass, vocals), Christian Cundari (guitar), and yours truly on drums. Naomi Less, the singer from my New York-based band Less Nessman provides the sultry intro.





  • Brandon Werner: Brandon was my first Wired intern and gets all of the credit for helping me launch The Hopkinson Report. The original WordPress design, the Hopkinson Report logo, the iTunes icon, my t-shirt design, you name it. To this day I contact him at least once a month to ask questions, dig up old files, and talk geeky stuff. He now works at blip.tv and does lots of other cool stuff.
  • Meghan O’Neill: Meghan is responsible for the new look-and-feel for the blog, and also put together JimHopkinson.com. Like any designer, she has immense talent, and patience. You can find her at Monday Designs. The coolest thing about her is that I once discussed design changes over Skype from Buenos Aires. The not-so-cool thing about her is that she loves the Yankees and Giants.
  • Bonus 1: Shaun Sanders is a crazy-awesome designer that did my Salary Tutor Infographic (interview).
  • Bonus 2: Erin Fitzsimmons is a crazy-awesome designer that did my Salary Tutor Book Cover (interview).
  • Bonus 3: Michelle Vargas is a crazy-awesome video editor that did my Salary Tutor book trailer (it rocks!)