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Webmonkey Editor Michael Calore

I’m very excited to announce that Wired Digital has recently re-launched the website Webmonkey.com. Webmonkey started in 1996 and was THE go-to resource for web development in the dawn of the internet 1.0 age.

Leading that charge was uber-editor Michael Calore, who served as editor-in-chief for 2 years and is now an editor at Wired.com and writer of the successful MonkeyBites software blog. I asked Michael 10 questions about the latest trends on the web, and he didn’t disappoint. We discuss:

  • Where the web is headed post “Web 2.0”
  • The funny story of how he got hired
  • New features on Webmonkey
  • The best tech advice he’s ever received.

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Jim loves flying on JetBlue and eating at his favorite brunch location, even when things go horribly wrong.

Today I talk about JetBlue’s new ad campaign, Happy Jetting, and how they’ve lost themselves since their initial message of three simple things:

JetBlue Logo

  1. DirecTV in every seat
  2. Leather Seats
  3. New Planes

Now, they’re dealing with rising fuel costs and public relations nightmares.

And speaking of nightmares, you won’t believe the brunch experience I had recently in New York City’s Union Square. My friend Bobby Shanes joins me for a rant about brunch, and how location and supermodels can’t make up for bad service, bad food, high prices, and violent explosions.

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Jim rants about the do’s and don’t’s of job searching in the digital age, including branding yourself and common blunders to avoid.

Your boss is a jerk. You work way too many hours. You just got passed up for a promotion. And you know you should be making more money. It’s time to find a new job.

Before you fire off that resume, make sure you listen to this week’s podcast. I give you plenty of helpful hints in the following areas:

  • Writing winning cover letters
  • Avoiding resume blunders
  • Interviewing tips
  • Document formats
  • Protecting your Facebook profile
  • Managing your brand on the web

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Reddit alien

Part 1 of 2: Wired.com’s marketing guy discusses entrepreneurship, site redesign, and building community with reddit.com co-founder Alexis Ohanian.  Photo: Alexis raffling off reddit iPod touches at a Wired event at SXSW.

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10/28 Update: This is currently the third most-played podcast, trailing just Julia Allison and DJ Gregg Gillis (Girltalk).

In speaking with Alexis in late October 2009 after announcing that he was leaving reddit when his ‘contract’ ended, his quote was “alas… always in Julia Allison’s shadow…”

Also see: Reddit.com Interview Part 2 of 2

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Wired.com’s marketing guy asks his favorite music trivia question, talks about extending brand ubiquity, and investigates marketing gimmicks that work.

Music Trivia: Name a situation where the name of a band, the name of an album, and the name of a song are exactly the same. I give the answer at the end of the podcast.

Meanwhile, I investigate self-promotion and branding, including rock bands, GoDaddy.com, Laurel Touby of Mediabistro and her feather boas, and Scott Ginsberg, a man that took branding so far, he tattooed his brand on his chest. Visit his site at HelloMyNameIsScott.com.

Finally, I look at the kings (and queens) of self-promotion, including Tiger Woods, Larry King, Howard Stern, Don King, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and Paul Newman.

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