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Remember back when a field trip meant everything?

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Asking Permission

Although I feel like it’s a phrase that’s been used a million times, I still remember the first time someone told me, “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.” It was an executive at ESPN and remember him saying it with sly look in his eye, as if we were getting away with something. And maybe we were.

Take a second and go back to your elementary school days. For months on end during the school year, the routine was the same… you rode a big yellow school bus in the morning, you worked your way through the same structured class schedule every day, the same teachers taught the same lessons about history and math and science that had been taught to the kids last year and the years before that, and you ate the same boring lunch in the same cafeteria.



Predictions, Rants, Analysis, and Advice after 250 episodes.

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250 Episodes

Can you believe this somehow snuck up on me? That’s what happens when you’re consistent and you just dig in and crank out something new every week.

So while I had an elaborate rooftop party for episode #100, I don’t need recognition or balloons or high fives for hitting episode #250. Just me, a microphone, and my continuing desire to rant about a topic every week to anyone out there that will listen.

For those that continue to be a fan of the show, my sincere, heartfelt thanks.

However, to celebrate the milestone, lets take a big picture look at the state of new media. I’m not digging too deep into the facts and research for this one, just going from my gut, taking a look at…

Products and trends I think are on the way out, holding steady, and on the rise.



Jim gives preparation tips and tricks when giving a core conversation speech at SXSW, or at your next meeting.

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$1,200 in 10 minutes

I made $1,200 within the first 10 minutes of being an entrepreneur.

How did I do that? Well, it wasn’t through marketing or selling a product or closing a deal. On November 1, 2011 I was called into a director’s office and was told my position had been eliminated. Although I was a bit shocked at the sudden layoff, I was actually pretty thrilled at the prospect of starting my own business.

I walked back to my desk, checked my personal email, and sitting in my inbox was an invitation to speak at SXSW 2012. I still wanted to go to the conference, but obviously my company – now my former company – wasn’t going to pay for it.


Online learning has been around for some time, but Jim is seeing a new resurgence.

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About that college degree…

Will your son or daughter go to college?

I’m not asking if they are smart enough to get INTO college, or if you’ll be able to afford the tuition. I am putting the emphasis on a certain word.

Will your son or daughter GO to college?

And by that I mean, in 10 or 20 years, will the concept of leaving home and living in a dorm and “going off to college” with other students for 4 years still exist?

Three trends that are happening right now

1) The cost of college continues to escalate at an alarming rate, I saw a great infographic showing it is about 4 times the rate of what the housing bubble was doing

2) The return on investment for the skills learned for that amount of money continues to get murky, as recent graduates aren’t assured jobs, students are graduating with enormous debt, and the skills taught in college don’t always keep up with what is needed in the real world.

3) The quality of alternate forms of education, along with the technology behind it, keeps improving dramatically


Jim interviews Nate Cooper to find out advice on how to do a successful project on Kickstarter.com

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Kicking things off

Over the past few years a completely new way of raising money for funds has burst onto the scene, giving inspiration — and much needed cash — to artists and dreamers to fund their projects. Still, there’s an art to doing things right, as more than half of all kickstarter projects fail.

So who better to learn some tips and tricks from than someone that has been there, who not only successfully funded a project, but scored a book deal in the process. This week I sit down with my Reboot Workshop business partner Nate Cooper to talk about the crowdfunding service.