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Predictions, Rants, Analysis, and Advice after 250 episodes.

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250 Episodes

Can you believe this somehow snuck up on me? That’s what happens when you’re consistent and you just dig in and crank out something new every week.

So while I had an elaborate rooftop party for episode #100, I don’t need recognition or balloons or high fives for hitting episode #250. Just me, a microphone, and my continuing desire to rant about a topic every week to anyone out there that will listen.

For those that continue to be a fan of the show, my sincere, heartfelt thanks.

However, to celebrate the milestone, lets take a big picture look at the state of new media. I’m not digging too deep into the facts and research for this one, just going from my gut, taking a look at…

Products and trends I think are on the way out, holding steady, and on the rise.


Today I’m going to live up to my tagline and do exactly that, taking a look back at the marketing trends that mattered in 2008, and what’s to come in 2009.

Apple iPhone

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Hey Everyone… Christmas is just days away for me so I’m going to crank out a quick top 10 list before I head home for the holidays. I’ll give you the marketing trend that mattered this year, how that trend could evolve in 2009, and the podcast episode to go back and listen to that covered the topic. Let’s roll.


After years of Apple picking on Microsoft with their ‘Mac vs. PC’ ads, Bill Gates and the evil empire are finally swinging back. Who will win this round?

Microsoft Vs. Apple

Back in June 2008,  the tech world – and yours truly – was obsessed with the all-encompassing marketing hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 3G launch, while Microsoft had just awarded ad agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky their $300 million consumer-branding campaign to make Microsoft cool again.

I did Part 1 of the ad campaign showdown podcast pitting Apple vs. Microsoft.

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Since then, the iPhone has been the one with some PR problems, Microsoft has rolled out some new ads with some serious star power, and that podcast has been the third most downloaded out of 23. What, did you think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would be more popular than an interview with Wired Cover Girl and self-promoter Julia Allison? Please.

New Apple iPhone 3G TV Commercials


Jim investigates new ad campaigns for the iPhone, and comeback campaigns for Microsoft.

Apple iPhoneWe’re just one week away from a tech geek’s Super Bowl, Christmas, and First Born Child rolled into one… the release of the second generation iPhone. I give my prediction of what Apple’s ad campaign will be like for the 3G. Along the way, I rant about idiots that don’t observe cell phone etiquette on a 4 hour bus ride, and how to get back at them.

I also talk about Alex Bogusky, the man with one of the toughest jobs in the world… making Microsoft cool again. Now that Bill Gates is stepping down, Windows Vista has been thrashed beyond belief, and the Yahoo merger talks have quieted, I give my take on what can be done

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