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You’ve landed on the blog and podcast page of Jim Hopkinson: The Hopkinson Report.
Let me give you an update in Top 10 FAQ format:

1) What is this site about?

The Hopkinson Report was a blog and podcast that ran just about every single week between April 2008 and November 2013 — 6 straight years and more than 250 episodes!

For the first four years, it was co-branded with Wired.com (where I worked) but then was rebranded from an entrepreneurial perspective, focusing on high energy conversations around career and lifestyle.

2) Is the site still active?

Yes and No. Because of the huge amount of content I produced, the site still receives quite a bit of traffic. So while I’ve decided to stop publishing on a regular basis, you can still browse the archives online and I’ve kept the entire podcast catalog available on iTunes.

3) So what are you doing now?

Great question! I’ve decided to focus almost all of my attention on my salary negotiation business over at SalaryTutor.com. I help ambitious professionals overcome the fear of negotiating their salary, by giving them confidence and the skills they need to get paid what they deserve.

4) Sounds cool. How do you do that?

I actually credit starting this podcast — and doing it for years for free — with many of the skills I now use:

  1. Courses: I stayed up with technology and trends, and built several amazing online salary negotiation courses, complete with HD video instruction, downloadable templates, a How Much Am I Worth guide, and Improv-trained actors for the fun scenarios with the Evil HR Lady.
    See post #231: How I launched my online course
  2. Consulting: I got incredibly good at interviewing people, seeing how they tick, and recommending a career and negotiation strategy through 1:1 consulting.
    See my Interview archive: Episodes where I interview people
  3. Writing I developed my writing chops, which led to a book deal with Grand Central Publishing.
    See Post #141: How this podcast landed me a book deal
  4. Speaking: I got great at presenting, so now speak on career topics.
    See Post #74: Public Speaking Tips with Mitch Joel

5) Are you still on Twitter?

Of course! You can follow me @HopkinsonReport

6) Will you ever do this or another podcast again?

Sure! I loved the long-form podcast format and am totally open to starting this back up or doing another one in the future. Ironically, since I stopped, podcasting has had a big resurgence.

I listen to about 10 different podcasts right now, with my favorites being Tim Ferriss, Smart Passive Income, Adam Carolla, Bill Simmons, Tropical MBA, Sleeping with the Boss, New Business Networking, Eventual Millionaire, and Internet Business Mastery.

If you’re a business looking to sponsor a podcast, or have a podcast and need an experienced host, drop me a line.

7) What else are you working on?

The great thing about being a “solopreneur” is that I have the freedom to pursue multiple projects, usually around new media and career development. In addition to my salary negotiation business, I write for Salary.com and SUCCESS magazine, teach social media at NYU, teach blogging and Twitter for Mediabistro, and run the occasional Reboot conference.

One thing I’m really excited about is taking the knowledge of building my own online courses and helping other thought-leaders and entrepreneurs build out their own platforms. For example, in early 2015 I served as editor, producer, and director on a great course by a legendary screenwriting guru, so contact me if you or someone you know is looking to bring their content online.

8) What is your favorite post?

Like a father with 250 children, it’s hard to pick my favorite. But for obvious reasons, I really enjoyed my in-depth posts on travel:
How to work remotely from Buenos Aires
How to work remotely from Thailand
Travels to Japan and other Travel Tips

9) Who was your favorite guest?

Once again, I can’t choose just one, although you can take a look at my top 15 interviews. The main takeaway was the awesomeness of meeting cool people doing cool things anytime or anywhere, and always having the following line in my back pocket: “The work you’re doing sounds amazing… would you like to be a guest on my podcast and talk about it more?”

10) So what do I do now?

  • Probably the best place to start is my Archive page, where you can search the site, browse by category, and see my top 15 episodes and interviews
  • Follow @HopkinsonReport on Twitter
  • Send me an email to say Hi (or bye)
  • I’d love it if you’d sign up for my mailing list over at SalaryTutor.com. Not only will you get my Negotiation Mindset course free, but you’ll get some fun advice and career tips from me delivered right to your inbox.

Thanks to all my fans, followers, readers, and listeners over the years. It’s been a pleasure and I’m sure I’ll speak with you soon.

– Jim

Verbal and non-verbal tips to getting paid what you deserve. See our special course bundle.

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Body + Mind

A tilt of the head, a subtle glance, touching a certain part of the body… there are dozens of tiny micro-expressions that people make in every single conversation that project meaning – all without saying a word.

Mastering the hidden science of body language can give you an enormous advantage when building relationships, meeting new people, or even going on date.

Combine this knowledge with tips on how to negotiate your salary, and it can also make you some serious money.

VanessaVanEdwardsThat’s why I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to partner on a project with Vanessa Van Edwards, a published author and behavioral investigator specializing in body language and human lie detection. She writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on CNN, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week, speaking to audiences around the world on nonverbal communication. See more of her work at ScienceofPeople.org.

Together, we created the video above explaining four key tips that combine my expertise – salary negotiation – with her expertise – reading body language – to supercharge your next ask for a raise or promotion in your job.

Four steps to asking for a raise, and the body language cues that go with them.



Interview with Kapture founders Mike Sarow and Matthew Dooley.

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The Kapture Wristband — Origins

Mike Sarow, a 12 year veteran as an engineer at Procter & Gamble, and Matthew Dooley, a social media expert skilled in bridging the online and offline worlds were both working in their full time jobs in November 2012 when they decided to go all-in on a unique and cool new product, the Kapture audio device.

[NOTE: The Kapture Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Please lend a hand!]

As Mike tells us, “The idea started on a personal vacation where the conversations that I was having… were awesome. I decided that I wanted to save those conversations, so I started tapping my wrist in a fake manner and said ‘Hey, I’m going to save that.’”



British accents! Entrepreneurs! Crowdfunding! Selfpublishing! Marketing Tips! Inspiration! Shall I Continue?

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Today I’m getting back in the interview chair for the first time since… wow, it’s the first interview this year! The last interview was Ekaterina Walter back in December talking about her book “Think Like Zuck.”

Well today, we’re going to think like a British Millionaire. Or at least my guest is named Matthew Turner, and goes by the nickname Turndog Millionaire.

Podcasting note: We recorded this on Skype, and my volume is a little bit louder than his. Fortunately, I tried to let him do most of the talking, so crank it up and enjoy.

Also note: Matthew and I talk about a lot of different things on the podcast that aren’t covered below, so go ahead and subscribe to it on iTunes.


Ekaterina Walter Think Like Zuck
Jim interviews Ekaterina Walter, a Social Innovator at Intel and author of the book “Think Like Zuck.”

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Do You Like To Connect?

Ekaterina Walter’s bio starts with the following sentence: “I love building connections with other people. I am passionate about social media because it allows me to do just that.”

Ekaterina WalterAfter spending less than an hour on the phone with her, I’d say she hit the nail on the head. A lot of individuals that you’ll meet in your life will utter the phrase, “I’m a people person.” If that’s truly who you are, in the digital age it is now easier than ever to say it (say, in the About Me section of your website) and to prove it (through social media channels).

Another catch-phrase that is tossed around is “follow your passion.” Once again, if you’re genuine about it, it really shows. I’ve been told that I sometimes “talk like a hockey fight,” meaning I have an idea or a topic and I talk as fast as I can until I am tired out and then I just stop and someone else jumps in.

My conversation with Ekaterina was more like a game of bowling… I just kept setting her up with questions, and she’d rear back and knock ’em all down. But it was as if the ball return just kept giving her ammo again and again, and she just kept throwing strikes until we moved on to a new subject.

What really shone through was her passion for social media. When you’re genuinely that excited about a topic — which you have to be to make it your full time job AND write a 250 page book about it — it comes gushing through on the phone. When that information is backed up by knowledge and experience, then you’re really on to something.