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Predictions, Rants, Analysis, and Advice after 250 episodes.

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250 Episodes

Can you believe this somehow snuck up on me? That’s what happens when you’re consistent and you just dig in and crank out something new every week.

So while I had an elaborate rooftop party for episode #100, I don’t need recognition or balloons or high fives for hitting episode #250. Just me, a microphone, and my continuing desire to rant about a topic every week to anyone out there that will listen.

For those that continue to be a fan of the show, my sincere, heartfelt thanks.

However, to celebrate the milestone, lets take a big picture look at the state of new media. I’m not digging too deep into the facts and research for this one, just going from my gut, taking a look at…

Products and trends I think are on the way out, holding steady, and on the rise.



Can Facebook’s Walled Garden Defeat Google?

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The Showdown

There’s a showdown brewing between Facebook and Google, and it’s going to be a good one. Both of the tech titans are making big bets on the very things that their companies stand for.

For Google, it’s always been about the algorithms, the engineering-based technical programming that has indexed the internet for us and turned their company name into a verb.



When your grandkids surf the web for you, what will they find?

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Gary Vaynerchuk talks digital legacy

Either there’s a lot of bad content out there on the internet, or the good stuff is just exceptionally hard to find. Think about all of the stories you’ve read this month… the fluff pieces that pop up on Twitter or are shared on your Facebook feed:

– Could THESE photos be of the new iPhone 5 case?
– It’s a boy! The royal family celebrates.
– Hey, have you heard about this new sharing economy? People are actually renting out their apartments, their services, even their cars! (Yes, we heard about this 2 years ago)
– You won’t believe the FAIL this news reporter did on the air.
– Yet another story about “The 5 types of people on Facebook.”

That’s why I try to work incredibly hard to rise above that and deliver something of value. It isn’t easy.



The time is now to deliver your message.

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If it doesn’t exist, create it

A lot of people like to make excuses.

They want to write a book or be part of a cool event or even become “internet famous.”

These people spend their time complaining:
– The resources out there aren’t exactly right for what I want to do
– I’ve seen others succeed, but they’re a lot different than me
– I’d go to that conference or event, but it’s not quite my style
– I don’t where I should start, so I don’t

I saw Seth Godin speak at an event earlier this year, and he had a strong message for the audience:

“Everyone in this room owns a media company.”



You can’t always interact with people in person… give them a social media high five instead.

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The glorious activity that is the high five

A very strong analogy hit me this week, and I think it’s a good one to share.

Any true sports fan can identify with the following scenario. You’re in a sports bar watching your favorite team in a big game. There’s a buzz in the air, the beers are flowing, and people are really into it. Along the way, you might be cheering wildly, talking to your friends standing next to you, and everyone is either in a good mood… or incredibly stressed out over the unknown outcome. I’ve been there too many times to count.

And then the moment happens… it could be a game-winning, walk-off home run, an interception returned for a touchdown that seals the game, a buzzer-beating 3-pointer in basketball, or a game-winning goal in sudden death overtime.

The entire crowd erupts in unison. Everyone is on the same page and going crazy. Now it’s not just enough to yell or scream, or to celebrate with your best friend – everyone needs to get into the action.

[The video below shows *exactly* what I mean. I was at a sports bar at this moment as well, and it was surreal, especially due to the delayed reaction. Note: You gotta watch the kid at 3:23; the scene at 4:00 is 3 blocks from my apartment. Enjoy]

Suddenly high-fives are being handed out like free newspapers on the subway. In the moment of delirium, EVERYONE in the bar gets a high five. This includes the bartenders, the server who may or may not know who actually won (they’re just glad people are drinking more), and everyone else within a 20 foot radius – the drunk guy that almost spilled a beer on you 15 minutes earlier, the obnoxious frat boys off to your left, the old timer with the team jersey from 1979, the guy that kept yelling out stats just to show off. Anyone.