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Interview with Kapture founders Mike Sarow and Matthew Dooley.

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The Kapture Wristband — Origins

Mike Sarow, a 12 year veteran as an engineer at Procter & Gamble, and Matthew Dooley, a social media expert skilled in bridging the online and offline worlds were both working in their full time jobs in November 2012 when they decided to go all-in on a unique and cool new product, the Kapture audio device.

[NOTE: The Kapture Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Please lend a hand!]

As Mike tells us, “The idea started on a personal vacation where the conversations that I was having… were awesome. I decided that I wanted to save those conversations, so I started tapping my wrist in a fake manner and said ‘Hey, I’m going to save that.’”

Throughout the weekend the trend caught on, as friends laughed and said things that were funny, philosophical, thoughtful, or downright silly. The words came out, the imaginary tap of the wrist followed.

When he got back he got in touch with Matthew to explain his possible invention. Matthew got increasingly excited about the idea, brainstorming together for hours on the potential and abilities of the device, until it was eventually distilled down to one sentence…

An audio recording wristband, that allows you to save and share what someone just said.


The wristband is continually buffering audio conversations, but only after tapping the device does it actually save and record what was being said. The advantage of this?

“Because it’s always recording, you never have to think about the beginning of the conversation, you only need to think about the end.”

The device is dead simple, just a single button that you tap – no screens or menus – in order to save out the last 60 seconds.

The recording is then downloaded to your smartphone, where you can edit the recording in an app and share it.

What’s the conversation YOU wish you could record?

Matthew and Mike threw out two no-brainer scenarios of conversations where you’d want to use the wristband, keeping in mind it’s more effective to start the recording after vs. bringing up an app or a tape deck first:

– A marriage proposal
– Baby’s first words

But from there the ideas keep coming from their Kickstarter page and other friends:

Jim chimes in with a scenario that happened last week, where a friend is thinking about gathering conversations during the day to be used in a book. He’s constantly on sales calls and pacing around his office… he didn’t want to record ALL his conversations and then go back and filter through to find the nuggets, but with a Kapture device he could record only when he had just told a customer something book-worthy.


Other ideas from Kapture user Paul Roy:

1. You’re listening to the radio while driving in your car, you hear a song you like but you might not be able to Shazam it in time, or you can’t pull your phone out, just tap and Shazam it later.
2. You’re watching the season finale of your favorite show, your favorite character says a line that you just have to quote and post on Facebook. Why not just Kapture it to make sure you get it right? Or just share the audio!
3. You’re on the phone with someone and they give you a phone number for someone else. No need to find a pen and paper, or attempt to save it on your phone while talking on it. Just repeat the number and tap.
4. You’re buying or ordering something, at a restaurant, drive-thru, or anywhere with a verbal ordering system. Tap after you’re done ordering. If they mess up the order, you can prove it was their fault.
5. Did you forget what kind of haircut you got last time? Just tap after you’ve described what you want to get done to your barber/stylist, so you can reference it next time.

10 ideas from user Mr. Shantyboat:

1. My son is playing a video game when the phone rings. “Be sure to tell your Dad….” the caller says. He has forgotten in the past, and it really sucked… but this time He taps his wrist. He can do that! He sees the Kapture prompt later and THIS time you get that message. A good thing!
2. My wife is driving home from work and hears a story on NPR about a three wheel car that has been developed. She knows I love that sort of thing. She taps Kapture and sends it to me. She couldn’t care less about cars and always forgets the name. With her Kapture note I can Google it. Thanks Darlin’!
3. My Father is getting up in years and while still active and healthy, his memory is really getting bad. He is capable, bright, and wants to do so much more, wants to be with people. But he forgets things. With Kapture if something comes up… A thought… A meeting time with friends… What he went to the store to get.. He has backup, a wingman, of sorts. With Kapture he thinks it, says it, and goes to do it. This could really make a difference. I would love to buy him one.
4. In meetings. Your boss says, “Could you send me that report on X?” With each request, tap your watch. Sure, you can take notes, and should, but if there is ANY question about what he/she said… listen to your Kapture. If you need it, it’s there.
5. In the hall at work. Someone passes you and says, could you send me that report on X? Tap Kapture.
6. On the way home from work. You always remember something you forgot to do that day. Say it, and tap. It will be at work waiting for you the next day.
7. On the way to work the next morning your wife calls to remind you of the parent/teacher conference. She is in her car, and you are in yours. Tap your Kapture during the call as you repeat the meeting location and time to her. Now you have it.
8. You are at a work event or party, and you are introduced to someone. What the heck was his name? I ALWAYS do that. And this person is a big client. Tap the capture after you are introduced, go to the bathroom and listen to your Kapture app. Ah… Bill is his name.
9. You get a compliment. Ah, shucks, thanks.. you say. It was such a nice one. Tap Kapture. That one is worth hearing again.
10. You witness a car accident. Say what you saw right away.. to yourself…aloud. Colors of the car. Who came from which direction. Someone is hurt, and your testimony will be important. I really want to get this right… so I tap Kapture.

The Kickstarter video

I talk with Matthew and Mike about the creative process behind the video… showing their personality, not taking themselves too seriously, and being memorable.

Where is the wearable tech industry going?

Google Glass, Fitbit, Nike+, GoPro cameras, Jawbone Up… where is this all going?

It depends where you are
: What flies in San Francisco today might not be adopted by someone in Cincinnati. They designed their device to be ready to wear today.

Do one thing very well
: Some of the new smart watches on the market claim to do up to 50 things… will people want to text and do emails and take phone calls from their wrist? Or will simplicity win out?

What does Apple think: It’s interesting that this week Apple launched their new iPhone 5C, with a major selling point for them being not only the 5 different colors of the phones, but also the accompanying cases, which add even more design. Kapture also has swap-out features to customize the color and look of their device.


Four lessons learned from being an entrepreneur

1) There are no rules. They do what they want, when they want to move the company forward

2) Partnerships. They’ve partnered with several people already and are looking to do more. This is a huge project – both hardware and an app – and their design firm and others have helped make it happen.

3) Persistence is key. There is so much uncertainty –even questioning yourself – and ups and downs from minute to minute, but if you’re persistent, you’ll stay with it.

4) Maintain confidence. Putting yourself out there on Kickstarter opens you up to the world, both helpful people with great ideas, but also naysayers that shoot your idea down. You need to learn from those willing to help, but be confident and stick to your guns when it matters

Make it happen

Sponsoring their Kickstarter program allows them to move from prototyping mode to production mode.

Kapture on Kickstarter | Kapture on Facebook

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