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Jim has a quick message as the end of the year winds down.

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Maybe Axl Rose had it right

In an ironic twist of fate, I lost my patience shortly after recording this podcast. I was heading home for the holidays, and like most people, scheduled everything up until the last millisecond. Thus, I was cleaning my apartment, packing like a maniac, recording a podcast, shutting down my computer, and making a mad dash to find a cab and get to the Megabus pickup area for my 11:10am bus home.

Well, it wasn’t until I was in the cab that I noticed they had moved the stop several blocks west than where it had been last spring, costing me valuable time, and I showed up at 11:12. So for the first time in 11 years of taking this trip a few times a year, I missed my bus.

I was mad that they had sold my seat, and that I couldn’t squeeze in. After waiting 30 minutes as the first person in line for the next bus, I was completely miffed that they made me step aside and wait on standby, not knowing if I would get on or not. I started to stew.

10, 20, 30 people walked by and right onto the bus while I waited. And then, they shut the doors and it started to move forward without notice, and well, let’s just say I was feeling VERY impatient.

Aren’t we all feeling a little impatient these days?

– First, it’s the holidays, which can be a joyous occasion for most, but also a stressful time.

– Next, it’s the digital era. Everybody seems to need everything right. this. second. Instant streaming. Instant downloads. Faster access. Top that all off with a Venti Latte.

– What about your career? I don’t think it’s just the millennials that need to be promoted and make a fortune and be in their dream job immediately (But I’m almost 24!).

– This week I found out that the second round of shooting for the digital course I’m working on is going to be pushed from December until January. In truth, it’s only 1 week, but it feels like a month.

– What about the first year of Hopkinson Creative Media? I wanted success RIGHT AWAY. I wanted to be making double what I was when I left my last job and then sitting in a hut in the Maldives tweeting clever puns while sipping from a coconut. These things take time.

– Speaking of travel, there are so many places that I want to see — need to see — soon.

– Think about your relationships, are you enjoying the ride or are things frantic and rushed?

I noticed something about myself this week. I had a lot of major deadlines before the break, and was rushing like crazy to fulfill them. As I flew down the sidewalk to my various appointments, weaving in and out of the crowd, jumping over curbs, avoiding elderly people in walkers, and running to make sure I made the next light I said to myself, “you walk too fast.”

Now I’ve always been like this and part of it is simply the lifestyle of New York. But it was faster than normal. It was frantic. It wasn’t fun.

What about you? Is your life on fast forward in your business, in your leisure time, in your relationships?

Now is a good time of year to pause and reflect.

Take a step back.

Let life happen.

Enjoy the ride.

Plan a nice trip.

As things turns out, that second wasn’t leaving just yet, but was just pulling forward a few feet. I got on and found my seat, watched a long movie, and in fact, didn’t hit any of the Friday afternoon traffic I was certain we’d encounter. I made it home for a great meal with my family.

All I needed was just a little patience.

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