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Modern luxury in an urban outpost

When I look back at our trip, this was the one that got away. I was excited to stay at the Amari Watergate, but they were sold out the first 2 nights when we arrived in Bangkok, so my only stay here was my last night in the city, when we arrived around 7:30pm due to traffic, and had to be out the door at 4 am to catch our flight. Still, we made the most of it.

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The hotel stands out into the sky like a beacon of light. I knew this as we saw the hotel well before we got there, as it stood tantalizingly close as we were at a standstill in traffic trying to get there. It’s in the middle of all the action. As you enter the hotel, you are welcomed by the towering lobby.


While we didn’t get to try breakfast, we had a ridiculously awesome meal at Thai on 4, their in-house restaurant. From river prawns to traditional Thai food and dessert, it was a meal to remember.


The staff truly went above and beyond in a short time. The manager came down to personally greet us, a cool towel and fruit drink made check in a great experience, and even as I stumbled in a zombie trance at 4am to get a cab, their night manager appeared to personally thank me for our stay. I was treated like a rock star. Why doesn’t every business do this?


During my trip my friend was training for the NY marathon, so I tried to be supportive and run several miles whenever she did. But not tonight… while she logged 90 minutes on the treadmill at the expansive, modern gym, I enjoyed another relaxing massage. I could get used to this. The pool looked amazing, as did the bar next to it, but again, our time didn’t allow us to check it out.


The rooms on the executive level felt brand new. You could see the attention to detail in the little things, such as the toiletries in the bathroom (see photo). Even though we were close to the elevator, we didn’t hear a sound.

Blogger Accommodation

The appeal at the Watergate for business users is their executive level rooms. From the moment you enter the hotel, you are brought to a separate private check-in area on the 32nd floor. Also included is complementary breakfast in the executive lounge, free juice and coffee in the morning and happy hour in the afternoon, free WiFi, and free late checkout.

The room is well suited for writers or people needing to get some work done while on vacation, with large desks, nice lighting, modern ergonomic chairs, fast WiFi, and a bevy of international plugs and outlets that don’t require you to use an adaptor. Again, you can see why I wish I had more time to explore.

Disclosure: The Amari hotel sponsored part of my stay while in Krabi. This review represents my honest feedback based on my experience there.

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