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The conversation continues as Jim is interviewed by Mike Andrews, a typical listener with common questions on how to get started as an entrepreneur (part 2)

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The conversation continues

Last week we tried something new. Rather than Jim interviewing a guest, budding entrepreneur Mike Andrews asked Jim the questions about his experience as he was starting out. Mike dubbed it the “Sensei Sessions,” and is still amazed it only cost him a lunch to get as much information as possible out of Jim.

Since the interview went long, we split it into two parts over two weeks.

In case you missed it: Click here to view Part 1 of the Sensei Session interview.

As usual with interviews, your best bet is to subscribe on iTunes or play the entire show from the links above. But here is a summary of what we covered:

The $100,000 question

– How do you figure out how much to charge as a freelancer
– How Jim was able to raise his consulting rates 150% (and isn’t done yet)
– Example of setting up a win-win consulting rate that makes both you and the client money

Confidently negotiating

– How do you know how and when to raise your rates
– The number one thing Jim found when talking to freelancers that enables them to raise rates
– Is it better to start high, or raise your rates over time

Developing multiple revenue streams and passive income

– The entrepreneur’s Venn Diagram: Time, Money, Enjoyment
– Trying different things to see what sticks
– Building out passive streams of income
– The difference between passive income, dollars-for-hours, and delayed time earning power
– How to get paid through writing, teaching, and sponsorships

Marketing your business

– The main reason freelancers go back to full time
– Sustaining the “side hustle”
– Getting people to your product, is paid marketing worth it
– What I mean about “Going Pro”

Feedback for Mike

– Case study on next steps Mike could take
– Developing three pillars for your business
– How an old-school paper document can help your marketing
– What you should do if you get asked the same question over and over
– How to decide what your next course is
– What format should your digital product be (book, course, webinar)

In case you missed it: Click here to view Part 1 of the Sensei Session interview.

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