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The tables are turned as Jim is interviewed by Mike Andrews, a typical listener with common questions on how to get started as an entrepreneur (part 1)

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Click here to view Part 2 of the Sensei Session interview.

Turning the tables

This week (and next!) we’ll try something new. Rather than Jim interviewing a guest, budding entrepreneur Mike Andrews will ask Jim the questions he has while starting out. Mike dubbed it the “Sensei Sessions,” and is still amazed it only cost him a lunch to get as much information as possible out of Jim.

The interview went pretty long, so we’ll split it into two parts over two weeks.

As usual with interviews, your best bet is to subscribe on iTunes or play the entire show from the links above. But here is a summary of what we covered:

The background

– Jim’s background on the transition from full-time worker at Wired to entrepreneur
– The evolution of The Hopkinson Report podcast
– As the saying goes, luck meets opportunity (and what that has to do with Chris Rock)
– The original name of the podcast, why it changed, and the repercussions of that decision
– The two biggest misconceptions of working at ESPN and WIRED
– What Jim means when he talks about “Walking the walk”

From employee to entrepreneur

– What do you do when you get laid off?
– Mike’s key revelation about the future path of his work
– 3 key pieces of advice when making money as an entrepreneur (via Danielle Laporte)

Getting started on the tech side

– What is the first step you should take
– What are the differences between Dreamhost, Bluehost, and GoDaddy
– Should you hire a designer, build the site yourself, or purchase a template

Finding your niche

– How did I end up in the salary negotiation niche
– How to narrow your passions to find a profitable niche
– Jim and Mike discuss the excellent article Forget Frugality, Focus on Earning More by Ramit Sethi
– Cutting back on lattes or netflix, good move or bad
– How Ramit uses itunes as a visualization to help you as an entrepreneur
– Adam Carolla’s advice: Focus on earning a dollar, not saving a dime
– How $10 in jeans purchase could have saved playground teasing

Click here to view Part 2 of the Sensei Session interview.

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