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It’s hypothetical question time. What if you could travel anywhere in the world in 1 hour?

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What if you could travel anywhere in 1 hour?

Picture a world that is exactly the same as it is now, but with one, crazy, magical twist.

Every single person on the planet is given the ability to travel anywhere in the world in 1 hour. Let’s call it a travel token.

Think about how you would use this power. I love this topic and think it brings so many fascinating questions.

Where would you go?

My guess is that you instantly thought of a place you’ve always wanted to go, be it Hawaii, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Machu Picchu, or Dubai. But how would your choice change with the 1-hour instant travel implication?

My guess is that if you lived in Boston and always wanted to go to London, you might think twice about using the 1 hour token because it’s only about 6 1/2 hours on a direct flight. Is it worth it to shave off that amount of time? Or better if you could travel all the way to Tahiti in just 60 minutes as opposed to more than 17 hours?

When would you go?

Now things get a bit trickier. How long would you hold on to this magical token? Assuming everyone received it at birth, when would be the most popular time to use it? In this world of instant gratification, I can see the following story headlines:

“College co-eds get wasted, use travel token to go to Taco Bell in neighboring town.”
“California couple regrets using travel tokens to elope in Vegas after first date.”

How many headstrong teens would use it before their 21st birthday? Would you save it well into your 20s when you were young and vibrant and ready to explore the world? I’m sure there would be many that would save it for marriage, instantly zipping from the end of their fantastic but exhausting wedding reception directly to a relaxing beach cabana. How many “delayed gratification” adults would be able to wait until retirement?

That of course would lead to some sad stories… “Police officer killed 1 day before travel token retirement party.”

Who would you go with?

Once again many of the same questions would arise. Would there be awkward conversations between friends if one wanted to use the token and the other declined? Or even more awkward ones when a guy wants to use it for a bachelor party in the Cayman Islands as opposed to his wife’s idea to tour the castles of Scotland on their 10th anniversary?

What rules, ethics, downsides, and businesses would emerge?

First, lets say that this magical token can be transferred from one person to another. This would open up some kind of amazing stock market for tokens.

Does that mean the wealthy would be able to buy as many tokens as they’d like? Would the value of a single token be set, or fluctuate around the world? Remember, that means everyone is born with one token equally, whether you are a child of Bill Gates or a child born to a woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo, listed as one of the poorest countries in the world, but with 71 million people. I can’t imagine the lowlifes approaching poor people and offering to buy their token. At what price would someone sell?

And if they are transferable, could you use them as gifts? Hand them out as incredible job perks? What if you left your token in your jeans and ran it through the washer by accident?

Also interesting is if a parent would have the right to use their children’s token. If you’re a happily married couple with a cute 5 year old and wanted to take a trip to Europe to see grandma, what are the rules around consent? I bet there would be a lot of whiny teenagers walking around saying “Yeah, my stupid parents brought me to Prague when I was 5. I don’t even remember it.”

Businesses would be created around trip token experiences, bringing together groups of people for the ultimate travel adventure to a remote location.

But that brings questions about logistics. Remember, this token only gets you there, nothing else. So if 50,000 Green Bay Packers fans all showed up the day before the Super Bowl in Miami, there would be a lot of people without a place to sleep or ticket to the game.

And what if everyone has the same idea. You’d create mini flash mobs arriving at Carnival in Brazil, New Years Eve in Times Square, or Oktoberfest in Germany.

What’s the real story here?

OK, you probably think this was a completely ad-libbed podcast, or that I’m drunk, or couldn’t think of anything else to write. Actually, I think I can find a lesson here.

What if I changed the token to say, you can get anywhere in 3 hours. Still pretty cool, right?

What about 6 hours. Or 12 hours.

The point is, we have these things called planes. And prop jets. And sometimes you also need boats. But for the most part, you can get to anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Yes, maybe to get to Antarctica it takes almost a few days and you need a sled dog, but for the most part, if you can dream it, you can get there.

And I’m not going to act like money isn’t an issue, because it is. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do some traveling. But even if you don’t have Bill Gates level money in the bank (let’s face it that means just about everyone), there are ways to save and make things happen.

So if you’ve always wanted to see the temples in Kyoto or attend a soccer game in Argentina or ski in the Rockies, start asking yourself the same questions.

Where do you really want to go?
When are you going to do it?
Who do you want to go with?
What are the rules you’ve placed around yourself?

You already have the token.

What is holding you back?

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