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This is part of the series: How to work remotely from Buenos Aires

Working while traveling is great, as long as you leave enough time to do the fun stuff!

Here is a list of 10 things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

1. Chill out, eat, or work from one of the many great cafes.
Two favorites for me included Mott with their impressive bar (Top photo, above) and Bar 6.

2. Indulge in amazingly grilled steaks and fine Malbec Wine
Restaurant recommendation: Campo Bravo

Steak Chips Malbec

3. Have a drink or dance at one of the many clubs and bars.
BA is a night owl city… several times, no matter how late I tried to stay up, I couldn’t even make to the clubs before they OPENED (one night I was there well past 11 and they didn’t open until midnight; at another I was there past 1:30am but it wasn’t going to get going until 3am).

There are enough places along Honduras Street in Palermo for anyone to choose from.

4. Running or walking in Parque Tres de Febrero, their version of Central Park,

5. Recoleta Cemetery
A cemetery is a highlight? Oh yes. The architecture and history is impressive and experience was better than expected in the place that Eva Peron (Evita) is buried.
recoleta cemetery

6. Taking Tango lessons
Definitely the highlight of my trip, I enjoyed the rush of trying to learn something completely new being taught to me in a language I didn’t understand with people I didn’t know in a crowded, sweaty, basement at La Viruta in the Armenian Cultural Center.

Tango Lessons

7. San Telmo street fair
Not the most exciting thing in the world unless you are really into antique and crafts, but still on the “must do” list. Check out San Telmo and wander around on a Sunday.

San Telmo Kermits

8. The colorful buidlings in La Boca
Very hyped and dripping with tourist traps, it’s still a must-see location, especially for photographers.

La Boca

9. The government buildings of downtown
Touristy sites to see include the “pink house,” the obelisk, riding the old school subway and other things.

10. Taste a bit of home
There are Ex-Pats from every country scattered throughout the city, so if you need to feel at home again, I was even able to catch an NFL playoff football game at Casa Bar.

Note: the one thing I was DYING to do was to see a soccer (futbol) game. However, when I was there it was the height of their summer, so now I “need” to go back.

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