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Soho Beds Laptop

This is part of the series: How to work remotely from Buenos Aires

[Full Disclaimer: I researched the Soho All Suites hotel before my trip, and switched to this hotel halfway through my stay in Argentina. I thoroughly enjoyed the hotel and would have recommended it as my first choice. Note that during my stay I befriended the manager, and on the last day we agreed that I would meet with him and a member of his staff to give them advice on social media, and in exchange they would comp me one free night. So while I have not been paid to write this review, I have had a business relationship with the hotel.]

Ah… how do you choose a hotel in a foreign country when you’ve never been there?

Well, all you can do is gather as much research as possible, pick the best neighborhood you can find, find something in your price range, and hope for the best. For me, I did a ton of research and ended up staying at 2 hotels.

The three key factors are:
1) Location
2) Price
3) Amenities

Of course, you have to know your individual situation. I was a single, solo traveler there to work remotely from a boutiquey hotel and hang out in cafes, restaurants, and bars. Romantic couple on a getaway? Family vacation with 2 kids? Your needs will vary.

Soho All Suites

In my particular case, the best bang for the buck ended up being the Soho All Suites. I told the manager that he could secure the geeky internet segment of the population by boasting that they have multiple Wi-Fi routers for every single floor. Thus, you weren’t competing for bandwidth on one line with the entire hotel. Open up your laptop and there was literally about 10-15 connections to choose from just from the hotel.

Soho Allsuites Photo Montage

The reason the All Suites gets the nod over 5 Cool Rooms (below), is that my friend David came to visit me for several days during the trip. When I compared the two, the All Suites had a much bigger room for two people for basically the same price. It had two bed, a decent bathroom and closet, and living room area with a couch, and a kitchen for those wanting to cook. The fridge came in handy for our leftover steaks, with the microwave useful for heating them up for a quick bite. Even once he left, I continued my stay at Soho All Suites.

Here is my video review:

5 Cool Rooms

The first 6 days of my trip, I was staying in the 5 Cool Rooms hotel (visit the website just to hear the cool music), which was right next door. I also recommend this hotel for many of the same reasons… amazing location, rooftop jacuzzi, and helpful staff (the overnight clerk Fernando became a friend, recommending restaurants and bars to me on my way out, and patiently listening to my drunken stories a few hours later).

As a solo traveler just looking for a clean, safe, low-price option to sleep at night, the “small” room did the trick (room sizes are listed as small, medium, large, and extra large). Small really does describe it — the room is tiny and no frills — but the beds were super comfy and as a New Yorker, I was used to small rooms.

5 Cool Rooms Bed

5 Cool Rooms Roof Deck

Other hotels in the area worth checking out:

Mine Hotel – Only saw the lobby of this place and it looked nice. Extremely good location. I met a traveler that was staying there and she said it was nice.
Malabia House – Did not see the inside of this place, but great location.
Hotel Home – Since this was on my finalist list, I checked it out. It has a great lobby and I went to the back to have a drink one night. Excellent bar and patio area, and really nice pool. It’s in the Palermo Hollywood area on a great street (Honduras, same as 5 Cool Room and Soho All Suites), but it is farther off the beaten track and a longer walk to attractions.

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