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This is part of the series: How to work remotely from Buenos Aires

Generating income remotelyFor the independently wealthy, traveling the world with money as no object is easy.

But for the independent freelancer, the goal is to be able to travel at will but keep the paychecks coming. Ideally, spending money for that Jetski rental is derived through “passive income,” earning money each month without having to do specific work in return, usually from projects that were done at an earlier time.

Examples of passive income include:
– Receiving payments for the sale of digital products such as eBooks, online courses, or apps
– Recurring payments from sponsorships, membership sites, or fees
– Getting paid for rental properties

[Photo at right: My friend David emerges from the “phone booth-esque” ATM in Argentina.]

As always, I like to “walk the walk” with this blog and test things to see if I could generate some income during my first “work internationally” trip to Buenos Aires.

I had only been out of my full-time job for less than 2 months, so I didn’t have a lot of ramp-up time. However, to be clear I DID have some side projects in the pipeline that I could leverage. I realize many of you reading this won’t have a book or a blog or writing contacts to fall back on, or might not be in a situation where they can rent their house or apartment.

When I looked back, I was surprised to see that I had received small amounts of income from 9 different sources. This income didn’t offset the total cost of my trip, which I viewed primarily as a vacation. Additionally, (and especially if the government is watching) almost none of this income was realized immediately.

For example, funds for my conference would be used to pay for space rental and food before any profits were taken. Blogging revenue is often paid after a series of posts are turned in. And the work I did for my Skillshare class would not be realized until I taught my classes after I got back. However…

Seeing my progress gave me huge inspiration.

Why? I knew that if I could earn small amounts of money from many different sources, over time with hard work and focus, I could strive to increase that to medium and then large amounts of money from many different sources. I can’t describe the thrill to be sipping coffee in an outdoor cafe on a sunny day and have an email come in that says “You just sold another $40 ticket to your conference.”

I list these as an inspiration and suggestions for ways to keep some form of income flowing while escaping the 9 to 5:

1. Renting out my apartment when I was gone
2. Being paid to write a blog post
3. Worked on my podcast, which is sponsored
4. Planning my Reboot Conference, email saying sign-ups
5. Consulting over Skype for Salary Tutor
6. Plan a Skillshare Class
7. Consult at the hotel in return for a free night
8. Affiliate commission for web hosting
9. Fun Fantasy Football ‘earnings’

Get more of the story in this video:

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