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Gadgets for international travel

This is part of the series: How to work remotely from Buenos Aires

Every geek worth their salt has a checklist of their favorite gadgets, and I am no different. It’s just always good to review the obvious (laptop, smartphone), the often forgotten (earplugs, adapter to back up SD cards), and the gadgets that aren’t even gadgets (mini moleskin notebook and travel pen).

Here are a few of the items in my travel kit:

Kensington travel plug adapter
Sandisk 16GB thumb drive
Transcend adapter to transfer photos from my camera’s memory card to my laptop
Canon T2i DSLR camera and mini tripod
iPod Nano and Nike+ for running and music
Buenos Aires tour book
Ear plugs
Moleskin notebooks

Check out the gadget packing list for International Travel video for more details:

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