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*** UPDATE 11/6/11 ***
Good news, Hopkinson Report fans!

I have been told that I WILL be able to maintain control of past, present and future content for The Hopkinson Report. This is great news for me and I sincerely appreciate Conde Nast understanding the depth of personal commitment I put into this blog and podcast for the last 3+ years.

So what does that mean moving forward?

Well, now that I will be pursuing a freelance career of speaking, teaching, and writing, I am going to take a moment to step back and see where this blog and podcast fits in with my overall goals. I would love to get reader feedback. Here’s where I think I am so far:

Previous Content
– All of the 175 episodes will remain as an archive. One thing that I had wanted to do for some time, which will become a nice project for me, is to create a system both for new users arriving at the site, and for all users to get to past projects.

WordPress is not great at archiving, so someone that is brand new to the site might be overwhelmed to see a list of shows, dated in reverse chronological order. What if they are looking for interviews? Or Facebook help? Or iPhone news? They’ll have to search and dig through everything. I have always tagged and categorized my posts very well, so I will need to work off of this.

The model I will loosely base this off of is Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income. He uses three elements:
1) When you land at SmartPassiveIncome.com, the top ‘post’ has a ‘Don’t know where to start?’ banner to direct newbies.
2) On his Getting Started page, he explains what the blog is about, and the benefit to the reader, including a video.
3) Lastly, he has a Best of Smart Passive Income page that categorizes all the top posts within each topic that he covers.

The Hopkinson Report — The next generation
Audio podcast — not sure if I want to keep doing this. The main advantage is interviewing people, which I really, really enjoy.
Blog — This will most likely remain my outlet for blogging, but the topics may expand
Video Podcast — I think it is doubtful that I will do a full “video podcast.” The production time is just too much, and my gut tells me there is a very limited market for long form video.
Quick hit video — What I might want to invest time and effort into is short form video (under 90 seconds). I’d love to create a “set” in my apartment with proper lighting, greenscreen, and illustrated screencapture video from a monitor. That would be fun and effective.
Mailing list — I’d like to build out a mailing list and/or newsletter.
Redesign — Short term I will be removing Wired branding, but once the new direction is decided, I will give the site a refresh.

What say you? Please provide your feedback in the comments below or write me via email.

Special Announcement 11-4-2011

– Download podcast: Via iTunes | Save to computer (Right click, Save As)
– Play it below:

Hey fans… I have an update for you. Friday, November 4th will be my last day at Wired/Conde Nast

As of right now, the future of The Hopkinson Report is uncertain.

There are a few options here:
– Things will go on as totally as normal
– I will lose access to the archives, but continue moving forward in the same format
– The Hopkinson Report might remain, but take on a new direction
– I might do a completely new podcast, with a new name, on slightly different topics
– And yes, there’s a chance, that this might be the final podcast I do. If that’s the case, 175 episodes was a good run and nice number to end on

How will you know?

1) Check here on TheHopkinsonReport.com. I SHOULD be able to do all updates here.
2) JimHopkinson.com should be done by the end of November. Right now this redirects back here to this website, but as you know, I have been documenting how to set up a website using this as an example.
3) Follow @HopkinsonReport on Twitter, as this SHOULD remain my own

This situation has come up quickly, and I will be able to share more in the future.

I want to make some things perfectly clear.
– It has been an honor to do this over the past 3 1/2 years.
– I’ve learned an immense amount about digital media and marketing, hope you have too.
– The people have been the best. I’ve met so many amazing and talented entrepreneurs.
– I am ecstatic about the new projects I’m going to be working on.

Thank you, the listeners. Stay Tuned.


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