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Jim interviews co-founder and CEO Kevin Hartz of Eventbrite.com.

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This week I had a great interview with with co-founder and CEO Kevin Hartz of Eventbrite.com.

Eventbrite is a simple but powerful tool to manage, promote, and sell out your event. I’ve used it in the past and can attest that it takes the process of planning an event — be it a class, a meetup group, a yoga retreat, or a concert — and makes it simple and professional.

As a user, the interface is clear and easy to understand, and makes it feel like you are buying a ticket from a professional ticket agency.

As an organizer, you can plan the fun things about your event, without having to worry about building an RSVP system, creating tickets, or collecting money at the door.

As usual, for the full interview make sure to download and play the podcast.

The summary below highlights what we cover:

– How Kevin got his start, first as an angel investor in PayPal, then co-founder of Xoom, and now co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite.com
– How Eventbrite is “Democratizing Ticketing,” bringing the tools that the pros use down to the consumer level
– An example of how Eventbrite helped a major technology conference with their ticketing
– Eventbrite’s custom-developed iPhone app that lets organizers scan tickets
– How people with a special skill can run and profit from events using Eventbrite

– Using their motto ‘No event too small, no event too large,’ Eventbrite partnered with the Robin Hood Foundation, a non-profit that raises money for the homeless. Using their ticketing system, they held a benefit concert featuring the Black Eyed Peas in New York’s Central Park for tens of thousands (NY Times coverage).
– Their international expansion into the UK, launching October 25, 2011

– Lessons learned from working side-by-side with his spouse (and whether or not work discussions carry over to the weekend)
– Lessons learned from being a successful entrepreneur
– The #1 formula for success as an entrepreneur

Finally, Kevin covers what he thinks are the three biggest trends in technology and business today:

1) Social media integration

2) Mobile
(iOS vs Android, and the transition from desktop to the mobile device)

3) The “Big Data Movement”
(Using algorithms similar to Netflix, they can use the massive amounts of data collected on servers to help sell more tickets and enhance the user experience — if you like this event, you might like this; Using data, analytics, and visualization to help fight fraud; letting organizers see information too, with a dashboard that can show things like time period for biggest sales and tickets sold via certain sources such as Facebook)

So whether you are planning a conference, a class, or a kickass birthday party, check out Eventbrite.com.

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