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Jim has a high-energy interview with author, speaker, and social media pro Krista Neher.

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This week I had a great interview with with author, speaker, and social media pro Krista Neher.

As usual, for the full interview — and trust me, we had great energy and lots of fun sharing stories — make sure to download and play the podcast. The summary below highlights what we cover:

Krista’s background
– Her start at Proctor and Gamble
– Working on marketing for brands like Tide and Folgers Coffee
– Her transition to a startup
– The founding of Bootcamp Digital, which teaches companies how to use the web and social media to build their business

Her travels from Canada to Cincinnati
– What does that have to do with bowling?

Social engagement
– Not the kind of engagement you like – we’re talking on a train to New Jersey

Boot Camp Digital
– What makes a truly good social media program?
– Huge opportunity to show businesses how to do their own social media
– “You’re doing it wrong” – what is the #1 thing companies are doing incorrectly with social media
– Why “free” social media is a problem

Monetizing social media
Top 2 reasons people join a fan page
1) To get coupons and discounts
2) To learn about new products
These easily can convert to new sales, but are they incremental sales?

Her Book – The Social Media Field Guide
– Most social media books target a certain area
– Some people still need a true marketing plan around social media, but don’t know how to do it.
– Covers all the tools to get businesses to think more strategically – not immediately jump to Facebook
– ‘People need to get a grip about new sites.’

Institute for Social Media at Cincinnati State
– Social media nerds in white lab coats?
– Testing mice on angry birds?
– No… how do you get a comprehensive overview of social media industry without going to a conference or just reading websites?
– Certification – what do other industries do to certify professionals?
– Answer: Show they know and can apply knowledge of industry; Instruction, tests, application of information

– Can reach lots of people all at once
– How she made herself a better speaker
– Some speakers have 1 presentation they do over and over (usually around a book), while others customize every speech they do
– She built it up 100% word-of-mouth
– The key turning point in her speaking career
– The two ways she is able to charge clients, and how to prove value

Speed Round – What’s the trend around the following:
Google +

A true or false game: Can you guess what are the things that influence your Klout, and which are made up?

Learn more about Krista:

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