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HP has had a tough year. What would you have done differently?

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Today I talk about the troubles at HP, and the interesting story around the Touchpad.

Listen to the podcast for the full story, but here are the highlights, grouped around articles:

8/18  HP Kills TouchPad, Puts WebOS in Hibernation

A funny thing happened after HP killed the touchpad.
– They offered them at a fire sale price of $99
– This created huge demand
– It become a “must-have” item for geeks
– People were waiting in line, with even stories of suburban “stampeding”
– They got huge buzz on the internet

8/22 From HP to Amazon, the Tablet Dilemma: Go Big or Go Home

– Great story by Wired’s Tim Carmody
– The Kindle has competed against the iPad. And the Book. But not much else.
– Leading to the quote: ‘There is no tablet market, just an iPad market’

From blogger Justin Lowery

“Gizmodo published the stats yesterday to illustrate the fact. The iPad totally eclipses all other tablets in sales. Apple has made 281 times more profit from the iPad 1 alone – in just three market quarters – than all other ‘tablet’ manufacturers have made from all their models, across all their brands, combined.”

8/28 Wall Street Journal, Al Lewis
Let’s say you were given 1 year to kill Hewlett-Packard. Here’s how you do it.

Some tidbits:
– Fire well-performing CEO Mark Hurd over expense-report irregularities and a juicy sexual-harassment claim that you admit has no merit.
– Fire four board members, as publicly as possible.
– Foment a mass exodus of key executives who actually know how to run the giant computer company.
– Hire new a CEO from German competitor, SAP, which sells business software, not consumer products.

8/29 Modders Slap Popular Android Hack on HP’s TouchPad

I knew it was a matter of time before we’d see modded Touchpads running Android

8/30 HP Resurrects TouchPad Tablet to Pacify Rabid Customers

Wha what???

The big question:
Best Buy reportedly had 200,000 units. If you were an entrepreneur with $15 million and they agreed to sell you all of them at once for $75 a pop, what kind of business could you create where you could leverage the touchpad (and double your money)?

– We got 85 comments on Wired Facebook page (Facebook.com/wired)

Our examples
– Car dealership
– Hospitals
– Factory
– Restaurants
– Schools
– Charity (One tablet per child)

Reader examples
Sophi Kravitz – use as a Garmin/GPS device

Joop Kaashoek – For Pics, Movies, Youtube in your home

Madonsela Vusi – Standardize the South African taxi industries

Conor Landsdale – Give to troops overseas

Anil Metla – Use for tourists with maps ($5 per use)

Mint Nopnirapath – Do a pre-sell BEFORE buying from best buy. Buy all from them then hire them to ship to the customers. no capital needed.

Jason Wetzel – Kiosks. Use them as the touch screen interface on vending machines, things like the RedBox video rentals. Also, Web access terminals on airports and malls. Airline cabins, etc

And my favorite:

Richard Feigin – I would hand them out as a goodie bag to people entering Superbowl arena 2012. In exchange everybody lifts the pads over their heads by the first touchdown of the game. The Pads are preinstalled with a giant pattern divided over all screens. The moving pattern is a live commercial for any brand interested in buying Superbowl airtime at 50% off TV price. The brand will have the worlds largest guerilla marketing stunt.

What would YOU do?

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