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Jim interviews Nick Gammell, CEO and founder of workout app Gain Fitness.

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When it comes to working out, there are questions that come up time and time again:

– We all know we SHOULD work out, what can be done to make sure I DO work out?
– How can I find the time to work out on a crazy schedule?
– How do I keep from getting bored with my workouts?
– How can I keep better track of my results?
– Why do personal trainers cost so much?
– How do I see results once I’ve reached a plateau?

And for the Apple fans out there…
– My iPhone can do just about everything, but can it make me look better naked?

On this week’s podcast, I spoke with Nick Gammell, the CEO and Founder of Gain Fitness in his attempt to answer all of those questions.

He comes from a good pedigree of brains and brawn… a lifelong athlete and former college football player to address the workout side of things, and an analytical brain with experience at Deloitte consulting and a little tech company named Google to fuel the technology side.

After chatting for just a few minutes, it became clear that I was the perfect demographic for his product.
– I enjoy working out but don’t have a lot of time
– I generally do the same workouts so need variety to get out of a rut
– I like to track my progress and see results

What the gain fitness app on my iPod touch allowed me to do was set up some initial parameters (gender, equipment access, intensity level) and then enter how long I wanted to work out.

On a Saturday, I did 45 minutes and did a lower body gym workout. On a Tuesday before work, I did 30 minutes of “push” exercises (incline dumbell press, etc) at the gym as well.

But then life got in the way. After hitting snooze a few too many times the next day, running late for work, and still feeling a bit sore, I did something I wouldn’t have done without the app.

Instead of skipping the workout, I programmed a quick 10 minute, low-intensity, at-home workout. This ended up being mostly stretches and a few strength exercises, but I could see how getting in an extra quick workout or two every single week would really pay off.

The best thing for me was it was like having a trainer, telling me new exercises and structuring my workout.

In the interview, I go on to ask Nick:
– What was his background that led him to consulting, Google, and then CEO

– What kind of advantage does having a group of former Google employees give their startup?

– How do the analytics on the backend help customize the workout?

– How is Gain marketing the app and getting the word out, given the $120,000,000,000 fitness industry and hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store?

In the end, success in any workout plan comes down to changing habits. So far, bringing along my own little personal trainer has given me a new level of excitement. Only time will tell if I’ll be uploading before and after workout photos to prove that success.

Gain Fitness Website | Gain Fitness On iTunes

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