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Jim takes a break from social media to give 14 simple words of advice.

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When it comes to resolutions, everyone makes a big deal around New Years Day.

But what about the six month mark? The halfway point? 188 days in as I post this.
How many people revisit their goals and take a look at where they are heading?

So this week is going to be a bit different. Sure, it could be because we’re coming off a long weekend (4th of July) and I’m heading into a long weekend (Friday day off).

And it could be because I often read blogs that step back every few posts and talk about real life.

So today I’m going to bypass social media, interviews, and marketing speak, and get back to basics.

Because if you don’t take a step back and evaluate things once in awhile, you’re not going to perform at peak output when it’s time to tackle that next project. I was going to call this “14 key words for entrepreneurs,” but I think it is true for everyone. So whether you are burnt out at your job, have social media fatigue, or are thrilled to be starting a new project, check out:

14 Words to Live By (In groups of two)

(Listen to the podcast for my full discussion on each topic)

Eat Right
If you picture your body as a finely-tuned car, then you need to put the right fuel in to perform. This isn’t about going on a diet. It’s about taking the extra step and making healthy choices. If you can avoid super-sizing and choose the salad over fries once in awhile, it will add up.

I also urge you to get out of new habits and try new foods, and make time to plan long meals with friends and truly savor good food, instead of plopping down in front of the TV and wolfing down a Hot Pocket.

Work Out
Ideally, this means doing strength training and cardio. But it doesn’t mean you have to be a gym rat or train for a marathon. All of the other things in life, from work projects to hobbies to day-to-day living get a lot harder if you’re tired, sick, or injured. The health benefits of working out are well-documented, but the most recent one I love the most is Richard Branson being asked how to be more productive, and his answer was “work out.”

Even on NYC Subway ads, they are dispensing advice (check the podcast to fine out). So park in the far parking lot at the mall, take the stairs vs the elevator, and if you want to circle a marathon on the calendar and train for it, all the better.

Where to start? How about Everything Jim Knows About Running.

Work Hard
What? You want me to work hard?
– Well, at least work smart.
– Be present at your job.
– Do something you are proud of.
– Do it well.

Listen, maybe you’re one of the many people that hate their jobs. If so, work hard at finding a new one.

Play Hard
According to Money Magazine, 37% of US employees did not use up their vacation. That’s just not right. Neither is employers offering just 2 weeks vacation, even for 10 or 15 year veterans switching to a new job.

In fact, Money said it took 2 weeks to fully decompress from the job in order to rejuvenate and come back ready to work again.

We just had the 4th of July here in the US. Is rest of the summer planned? What about Fall or a winter ski trip? Get it on the calendar!
And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out one of the many home swap websites, where you can do a home exchange and live somewhere awesome for free.

The same goes for sports and hobbies. Whether you’re a triathlete in training, a casual gardener, or somewhere in between (a gardener in training?), take your free time seriously.

Stay Busy
They say “Idle hands are The Devil’s workshop.” That means when you don’t have anything to do, you will probably do something bad.

So fill up your calendar with things that engage you. When you’re always busy, it’s tough to worry so much about your problems.

Family, Friends
Make sure to take the time to really connect with friends and family. And not just on Facebook!

Use technology to your advantage. I’m heading home to see family this weekend, to see the four kids under six. Well actually, there are three children under six (nieces and nephews), and my Dad turns 70. Sometimes he’s like a kid… I’m taking him to Fenway park, buying him some hot dogs, we’ll be riding the subway, and spending quality time together.

If things are going great, share your happiness with a good meal or bottle of wine. And if things hit a bump, they will be the ones to support you.

Get Sleep
Can’t say I’ve been real good at this one. As you know I write this blog in my spare time, and was up until 1am writing it out. But I’m trying really hard to push toward 8 hours (although 7 is more likely).

Hey, it’s not easy in the city that never sleeps, but I’m trying.

Hopefully this mid-year break was a good way to step back and evaluate. Now go attack the rest of 2011.


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