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Jim interviews Michelle Ward, aka The When I Grow Up Coach, who explains exactly what a life coach is, and how she helps creatives going through career transitions.

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What the heck is a “Life Coach” and why would I need one? Well, this week Jim interviews certified life coach Michelle Ward, also known as The When I Grow Up Coach, to find out her journey and answer those questions.

Summary of Topics covered:

– Michelle’s lifelong passion for theater and entertainment, leading to a cameo on Saturday Night Live and (off, off) Broadway
– Her transition away from the arts and into a “grown up” job
– The intense, unmistakable moment that she knew she could not work at her full-time job another day
– Her transition and training as a certified life coach, leading to helping more than 100 creative people devise the career they think they can’t have
– How she has expanded her business from 1:1 coaching to group sessions and workshops
– The development of “Operation Creative Career Cheer,” a 50-page illustrated rhyming career change workbook
– Yes, a rhyming career change workbook. I told you she was in theater, right?

We also discuss
– How she uses social media and referrals to get clients
– Who should go to a life coach, and how they will benefit
– Macro trends of people overwhelmed at work and wanting to get out of the cubicle
– How are millennials approaching their career differently than others
– How do they measure the ROI of a lifecoach
– Examples of success stories, from Israel to Japan to Minnesota

Learn more:
When I Grow Up Coach Website | Facebook | Twitter | What is coaching?

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