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Ross McLean Draftfcb

Jim interviews Ross McLean, Executive VP / Group Planning Director at ad agency Draftfcb

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Recorded at SXSW Interactive in March, I sat down with Ross McLean, who is the Executive VP / Group Planning Director at ad agency Draftfcb in Chicago to talk all things digital marketing.

In the interview, we discuss:

– Thoughts on SXSW
Our impressions in year 2 (Ross) and year 3 (Jim) at SXSW.
Will it keep getting bigger?
Will it jump the shark?
Where is the conference going?
Will it outgrow Austin?

– Goals for Draftfcb at SXSW
What they hope to learn
Why it’s important to attend conferences like these


– The amount of time you have get a customer’s attention — JUST 6.5 SECONDS!
Consumers have less time and tolerance for ads
What they need to do grab a customer in those 6.5 seconds
How marketers can extend that connection time

– Case study: Staying on brand with Coors Lite
What is their core message?
How do you extend that?
How do you align the message with consumer expectations?

– Tips that smaller brands can learn from big brands
Having your voice
Staying relevant
Have a point of view

– Two iPhone apps that Draftfcb has created for the marketplace
1) Heat Tracker: GeoLocation app that uses FourSquare check-ins to show what places are hot
Why single men or women might want to check out Heat Tracker

Heat Tracker

2) An “over-the-shoulder” app that lets consumers give direct feedback from their smartphone back to advertisers
Why people would volunteer to be part of this program

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