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Today’s guest is Erin Fitzsimmons, a graphic designer whose amazing work directly led to a book deal

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“i like type. big type, small type, medium type. fancy or sans fancy. i like what happens when you fuse type and pictures, creating visual worlds for the viewers to explore. lately, i’m happy simply doing something creative before i fall asleep. at the end of the day, i’m just a girl who likes type a bit too much.”
— Erin Fitzsimmons

There are many ways to judge a person when hiring them. You can ask friends for recommendations, view their resume, or check out their website.

But also pay attention to their bio.

A bad example was when a potential intern tweeted to me about a job, and her Twitter bio was “slacker extraordinaire.” #Fail.

But in reading Erin Fitzsimmons’ bio above, how could you NOT think that she would be passionate and incredibly talented when it came to print and book layout.

In this week’s podcast, we cover the following topics:

– Erin’s path from photojounalism major to photo editor to book cover designer
– How Erin and I got connected, and the recap of our first meeting of the minds
– Erin’s process for negotiating to do a freelance job for a book on negotiation
– At what moment Jim closed his eyes, made a wish, and clicked the mouse

Then we break down the specifics:

– What makes a good book cover
– Why is it so important to get the book cover right
– What are tips for bloggers looking to produce and self-publisher their own book
– What traits should a writer look for when interviewing book designers

Finally, we give real-life case studies:

– What obstacles did we hit when dealing with eBooks and the iPad
– How did the design work change in phase 2 of the book process
– How was compensation different once the book was published

Lastly, Jim talks about breaking the news to Erin that the publisher wasn’t going to use her exact cover on the bookstore shelves, but what the silver lining was.

Salary Tutor Negotiation Book Cover

If you’re looking for a book designer, you can check out Erin’s website at www.efitzdesign.com
If you’re searching for a job or having a performance review – or know someone that is – pre-order Salary Tutor to help you negotiate your salary

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