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Today we’ll talk about a new online coupon service that’s been described as Mint meets Groupon.

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We’ve got an interview this week, the first of 2011.

I talk to Faisal Qureshi of the company Offermatic. With all the hype around Groupon and other competitors, it was great to speak with someone doing something really unique and new in the space.

In the interview, we talk about:
– What Offermatic is and how it works
– Faisal’s background and what led to the founding of Offermatic
– The current pros and cons of “daily deal” sites

Then we get down to details
– How Offermatic offers “Bank Level Security” for your private information, without ever asking for your name or credit card information
– Why they are different than Groupon and other competitors
– How they built their list of beta users before launch

Finally, we have tips for marketers
– The most important thing to know as an entrepreneur
– What we online marketers can learn from his company

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