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As Jim heals from a broken arm, I, Brandon Werner (Intern 1.0 for long time The Hopkinson Report listeners) am back with a very special edition of The Hopkinson Report.

On the last episode I hosted, I talked about how I’ve been creating my own web content, so I decided to talk to two people who I think are making some of the best web video out there, Grace Helbig and Michelle Vargas.

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Grace and Michelle have been producing web videos for over two years and have amassed over 1 million views. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, their content is a mix of humor, random observations, parody of other YouTube videos, and music.

We talk about:
– The process of creating web video
– The ins and outs of promoting video
– The hazards of making oneself public online.

Of course, there is plenty of talk about nerdy things like cameras, video games, and Star Wars.

Now some links!
Grace and Michelle:

GracenMichelle.com – their main Youtube channel

Daily Grace – Grace vlogs daily as the host of My Damn Channel

Action Pals – Grace and Michelle’s sketch comedy group

Michelle’s Music Videos

Their personal blogs - Fart With Headphones On (Michelle) Grace Helbig (Grace)

Their Twitter accounts – @FartWho (Michelle) @Gibleh (Grace)

Today’s Guest Host Brandon Werner:

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