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What’s the difference between good customer service and bad customer service? Jim reveals the 1 thing that really makes a difference.

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You find out a lot of things when you only have the use of one arm.

Take plane travel. Some things are good, like getting to board early (with the executive platinum crew and the Octo-mom toting a crew of toddlers). It’s like traveling first-class at an economy price.

But some things are not so good. Like getting denied the request to sit in the roomier exit row, specifically because I only have the use of one arm and couldn’t open the door (they ignored my request/joke that my other arm is now REALLY strong).

Oh, and some other things too, like brushing your teeth, opening a cereal box, tying shoes or buttoning buttons.

> It means you have to rely on others more.
> You have to be more humble.
> You need to ask people for assistance.

And what I’ve learned is that these situations bring about a heightened sense of customer service, and really give employees a chance to shine — or to fail miserably.

In this week’s podcast, I take you through five quick scenarios, and point out how the key employee interaction succeeded or failed (you can guess which ones went well or not):
1) On an American Airlines flight
2) At a Banana Republic retail store
3) Online shopping
4) Dining at a restaurant
5) Having lunch in a city park

In the end, I give you the one simple thing — you can teach your employees, build into a website, or start to do in your own life or personal business — that will make the difference between a good customer service experience and a bad one.

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