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Suite Arrival

In this episode, I interview entrepreneurs Michael Lewis and Tim Kress-Spatz from Suite Arrival, a new business that lets you be discreet, get a treat to eat, and keep your travel plans neat.

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We’ve all been there
Admit it, the TSA and the terrorists have combined to make it much more difficult to travel. Long gone are the days of rolling up to the airport for that 10:15 flight at 9:45.

Oh no… you’ve got to get there early, have all your IDs ready, make sure your bags are not too plentiful (the fees! the fees!) or too heavy, watch out for metal belt buckles, take off those shoes, remove those jackets, and take out your laptops (which can only add to the fact that 10,000 laptops are stolen from airports PER WEEK).

In my blog post about packing for a business trip, (What’s in the bag? How to pack for business travel plus Jim’s 5 MVP travel picks) I give several ways you can ease the travel burden.

But a new site called Suite Arrival (website | Twitter) has an idea so simple and so useful, that even a bumbling shoebomber can see the appeal.

If you hate the following…
– Having to pack mini-toiletries every trip
– Squeezing them into a baggie and running them through security
– Taking your favorite products that only come in 12oz containers and transferring them to smaller ones
– Shopping for your products once you arrive in a new city
– Arriving to your hotel tired and hungry, and getting charged $6 for a Snickers from the mini-bar
– When your wife or girlfriend finds “personal protection” in your travel case right before your trip to Vegas*

Well, then you might want to take a look at Suite Arrival.

* I joke! I joke! All of my readers are upstanding citizens and would never stray… this is just so the maid or your roommate won’t find these items stashed under your sink.

They offer a bunch of products for you to choose from, and have even packaged several ‘kits’, including ones for him, ones for her, an organic kit, an action kit, and a wanderlust kit.

If this is starting to sound like a commercial, it’s not.

Disclosure that I was not compensated in any way, and in fact, they want to give discounts to YOU. Just enter code “WIREDJIM.”

I just like covering cool people with cool ideas that solve real problems.

Once we cover what they do, we get into the conversation and discuss:
– How did Mike and Tim get started?
– How are they marketing their company?
– What are the biggest challenges facing them as entrepreneurs?
– What travel-based trends have they seen emerge from their service?
– How are travel needs different for a woman? (our third guest, Autumn, chimes in)
– What types of things they add on their 2nd and 3rd iteration of the website?
– What are the alternate streams of revenue they are pursuing?

So if you like to travel, but hate the airport experience, have a listen:
Download the podcast from iTunes

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