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It’s my 99th podcast
I’m having a ball
Sarah and Chris are here
I’m not really sure, but they’re entrepreneurs
99 podcasts of beer on the wall.

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On this episode of The Hopkinson Report, Jim takes some time out of his SXSW adventures to have a chat with Chris McCann of Startup Digest and Sarah Prevette of Sprouter.com.

Hot topics for entrepreneurs:
Sarah Prevette
– Why breakfast foods are the secret to business success and how Jim is going to corner the market with French Toast marketing.

– Chris shares his recent experience at an entrepreneurial conference in Dubai, the surreal “Las Vegas” of the Middle East.

– Sarah talks about Sprouter.com, which aims to bring entrepreneurs together to collaborate, share resources and experiences.

– Chris explains why startups near Carnegie Mellon will tell you about their business ventures, but then they would have to kill you.

– The most important lessons Chris has learned with Startup Digest, an international e-mail list to keep startups in touch.

– Chris discusses the up & coming cities for young entrepreneurs. He explains why NYC might be giving Silicon Valley a run for its money, and why everyone should keep an eye on those crafty Canadians (Sarah included).

– Why partnerships with experts can be a more efficient means of delegating tasks than taking it on alone.

– How and when marketing through e-mail can be effective.

– Seriously. Waffles.


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