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In this episode of The Hopkinson Report, Jim talks with Brendan McManus of Wildfire. The Wildfire guys have developed a streamlined, cost-efficient, and user-friendly way of integrating promotions into Facebook fan pages.

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The numbers are overwhelming…
– Facebook has 400 million users and just keeps growing
– Users are joining at least 4 fan pages every month
– Traffic from Facebook to websites is increasing

So wisely, a lot of marketers and businesses are saying
We need to get more Facebook fans!

But they’re not yet answering the next question… Why?

So if you’re a brand, and you have all these fans, now what do you do?

The answer is interaction, engagement, and providing some value back to the users that ‘fan’ your brand.

Companies can build brand loyalty by interacting with their fans in new and original ways, such as contests and sweepstakes. Historically, many companies have turned to online agencies to build interactive microsites. It wouldn’t be uncommon to spend 6 weeks and $50,000 to put a program together.

But a new generation of companies such as Wildfire (2 time winner of the “fbFund,” Facebook’s start-up incubator), allows you to build a simple contest for just a few hundred dollars, in only a few hours time.


In this episode of the podcast, Jim and Brendan cover the following topics:

– Why so many company ‘higher-ups’ tend to misconstrue the potential of a Facebook fan page as merely a tool for talking to their customers

– Ways brands like Edible Arrangements (hint: it involves LOTS of chocolate) and Axe are able to effectively utilize the ‘principle of reciprocity’ through Facebook fan pages

– Why Brandon has vowed never to buy another Proctor & Gamble product again

– Listen as Jim’s marketing coordinator, Susi, slowly succumbs to the “Axe effect

– Why video contests may not be worth the effort and the efficacy of a Facebook photo contest

– How the designers of the Wildfire App were able to successfully capitalize on emerging trends in social media networking

If you’re on Facebook – and let’s face it, who isn’t – you’ll gain valuable insight into this process.

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