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Today on The Hopkinson Report: Everybody Gets a Trophy!

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I talk with former Wired Intern 1.0 Brandon Werner (pictured above) of The Modern Day Pirates about how engaging with different generations is changing, specifically that notoriously difficult market of 18-30 year olds, known to many as Millennials or Generation Y.

In this corner, Jim, the Gen X archetype. In the blue trunks, Brandon, paragon of all things that represent Gen Y.

Brandon and Jim discuss:
– How WW2 vets came home, reproduced like it was their job, and created the baby boomers.
– The relationship between Dr. Spock –not that one– and Baby Boomers becoming great, caring parents.
– Why we can blame Richard Nixon for 80s hair metal.
– Why each generation before has their own self-affirming name for Millennial.
– “The jock of today uses more computers than the nerd of the ’80s.”

Fast Facts:

Other topics covered:
– How video games are now the dominant form of media entertainment for Millennial.
– Social media is a direct result of young adults being the entitled “Me generation.”
– They’re happy to do some work at home, just let them use social media at work.

– There’s a new generation of young girls, sitting at home, talking about themselves. I couldn’t have said it any better than this video:

But wait, there’s more!
Mobile mobile mobile! It’s the best way to advertise to Millennials and Apple, Facebook, and Google know this!
On Demand is a necessity, they need to operate on their own schedule, especially if it gets to use through word of mouth.
– How the recession — Jim calls it “The great economic smackdown” — is keeping back the Millennials from potentially being ‘The Next Greatest Generation.’
– Why they’re being called ‘The Peter Pan Generation.’
– The infinite futility of voicemail and the incredible value of badges!

Get ready ready for your ears and eyes to bleed.
Brandon introduced me to a YouTube phenom named Fred. Thankfully, even Brandon shudders at the thought of this future. Of course, this episode talks about him missing his meds.

I couldn’t watch the whole thing to figure out which ones, but like Brandon and I talked about on the podcast, it has to be one of the anti-hyper drugs that parents are so fond of giving their kids these days.

Before you jump out of your 15th floor office window, here are the most shocking stats of all:
1) This video has 26 MILLION views (many of his others have millions as well)
2) He has A-list sponsorship via Toys R Us and Hot Topic, including a clothing line!

Don’t end the podcast a moment too soon! During the final outtro music, I manage to squeeze an unbelievable basketball rant in about 14 seconds.

I finally figured it out! A revelation hit me while editing the “Generation X vs Generation Y” podcast.

I have a huge pet peeve with basketball players giving HIGH FIVES and HANDSHAKES and FIST BUMPS to teammates after MISSING a crucial free throw. This now happens at the college and NBA level.
Larry Bird
You’ve all seen it by now. It’s the waning seconds of a game. The team is up by only a point, and the other team fouls. If the player does what they should and hit their free throws, the game is basically over. But they routinely FAIL at the one thing they’re supposed to do. Hell, Larry Bird’s FT% in 1988 was 94.7%!!!

But it’s not that they simply MISS the free throw. I’m not saying I’d make them in the same situation. But this is the problem:

The other players RUN up to them to give them a congratulatory handshake after this failure!!!

It drives me crazy! What do they even say to each other? “You just choked the free throw that will cost us the season… high five!”
I mean, seriously. Don’t you people understand the general concept!?!? When you do WELL, you get congratulated. When you FAIL, you should be feeling a bit of shame.

But now I know why: All the players are Gen Y!!!

They can’t do wrong and we don’t want any hurt feelings. It’s like a giant group hug.

“That’s ok D’BRICkashaw… don’t let those mean ol’ fans get you down. Aw shucks, you’ll get them next time. It’s not your fault.”

Well guess what … at least in college and the NBA, you don’t get a participatory trophy if you lose.

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