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How does a company turn their email file into a list of powerful social media influencers? They go to Flowtown.

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Podcast Episode 101 is an interview I did at SXSW with Ethan Bloch of Flowtown.com, a service that turns email addresses into social profiles. After discussing the best way to survive the festival on no sleep and Green Tea, Jim gets down to business to find out Ethan’s story.

Topics covered:
About Ethan
– Ethan’s amazing start as an entrepreneur, importing video game components and driving $13,000 worth of revenue — at age 13!
– How marketing, finance, and technology have been the three pillars of his career thus far
– His move to San Francisco, subsequent job loss, and founding of a new business

About Flowtown
– A platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers
– Starting with their email list, Flowtown generates a list of the social networks their customer base is on, allowing them to write better posts, send better tweets, and more easily target their customers
– Not only does Flowtown return age, gender, networks, and the top 50 locations, but it then creates a sort of “iTunes Smartlist for Marketers,” showing the top 50 influencers that really move the needle

The Marketing Angle
– What is Flowtown’s approach to marketing their business?
– Where does Flowtown get their customers?
– Is all this a good thing? What about user’s personal information being exposed?
– Is email dead?

Advice for Startups
– What are the challenges of being a startup?
– What is the main advantages of being a small company?
– How the “lean startup” process enables them to make quick advances in technology
– Lessons learned through a failed project, which led to 3,500 new customers on their next project

Try it yourself
Check out flowtown.com and enter your e-mail address (it’s not stored) to find out which networks you’re on.

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