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What’s it like to be a professional photographer rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Billy Corgan, and Ludacris? Pro photographer Diana Levine will tell you.

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Ever since I worked in the photo section of the Caldor department store in high school, I’ve been interested in photography. I’ve owned many many cameras, from old school 110, Disc, and 35mm SLRs like my Minolta X-370, to some of the first digital cameras on the market in the late 90s, up through my newest point-and-shoot and desire to upgrade to a DSLR.

So when I had the chance to sit down and speak with pro photographer Diana Levine, I jumped at the chance. I had so many questions on so many topics. I wanted to know what it was like to freelance. What was her favorite equipment. What was it like to work with celebs. And with 2 billion photos a month being uploaded to Facebook, and more and more pictures needed various profiles on the web, how was social media affecting her business.

thr_alicia-keys[Above: Diana shooting Alicia Keys]

We talked for so long I’ve made this a 2 part episode, and then we hit the streets of New York and set up an impromptu studio to see her in action.

In Part 1 we cover the following topics:


– How did Diana get her start?
– Who was her main influence as a child?
– Which Conde Nast magazine did she intern at?
– What was the main thing she learned at Boston Magazine?

Freelance life
– How did she get over her fear of making the leap to freelance?
– What would she tell people wanting to strike out on their own?
– Is it a good or bad thing that cameras are so good and so inexpensive now that everyone thinks they can be a good photographer?
– What are the things that distinguish a true pro from an amateur?

-  What’s it like working with celebrities:
* Kim Kardashian
* New Kids on the Block
* Billy Corgan
* 50 Cent
* Ludacris
* Alicia Keys
* Vampire Weekend
* Iman
* Fabolous
* JoJo
* Los Del Rio
* Harry Connick, Jr
(and more)

Other Celeb Questions:
– Tell us about your first celebrity shoot with KRS-One
– What’s the real scoop with Kim Kardashian
- Which singer made Diana have to pinch herself to make sure it was real?
– Which band’s fans sent her hundreds of tweets after she photographed them?
- A revelation about Billy Corgan that really shocked me.
- Which celebrity would be the one she’d like to photograph most (but can’t)
– How do you create a comfortable atmosphere when working with celebrities
- Which celebrity is she named after (Answer at right)

Celebrity projects
– MTV’s Super Sweet 16: What was Sean Combs’ house like?

– AOL’s Day in the Life project, what was it like spending an entire day with Ludacris or New Kids on the Block?

Part II will contain:
– Equipment she uses
– The affect of social media on the photo industry
– Tips and tricks for taking great photos

Check out Diana Levine’s work: Website | Blog | Twitter

Click here if you’d like to read the full transcript of this interview.

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