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It’s the dead of winter here, so to brighten things up we’re going to talk to the co-founder of Sunshine Suites, a unique office space for entrepreneurs.

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I’ve got a great interview today, a person that I was connected to through Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter.

His name is Cheni Yerushalmi, he’s the co-founder of a business called Sunshine Suites, and you should download the podcast just to hear me mispronounce his name (I think I was a little better by the time I signed off).

For most people across the country, we’re trapped in bland cubicles like worker bees for 8 hours a day, with many of us aspiring to be entrepreneurs so we can launch the proverbial startup from our garage.

But I think this company has found a great middle ground, giving ambitious new companies a unique place to work and grow their business.

In the interview we cover topics such as:

– Getting started
Like many business ventures, the idea for Sunshine Suites was born out of frustration. Cheni and his best friend/co-founder couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for small businesses to get cool, low-cost office space in Manhattan. So they did something about it.


– Adding perks
While a stylish, comfortable workspace is a great upgrade from a small apartment or drafty garage, I was impressed to hear of all the other perks that they offer. These include pooled resources for healthcare, gym memberships, & car rentals, scheduled networking events with other entrepreneurs, softball leagues, a bicycle workout room, parties, and a 30-person ski house in Vermont for corporate get-aways.

– The best of all worlds
Why a shared office environment with other entrepreneurs is a far better option than a traditional corporate office, working on your own from home, or camping out in the local coffee shop.


– Protecting your vision
Why Cheni thinks it’s very difficult for anyone else to steal your “dream idea”

– The new evolution of work
I put out my new theory of the way jobs have evolved over time and get Cheni’s perspective.
* First, people wanted security. They had one job for 40 years, then retired.
* Next, they kept their same professions (say, accounting), and went to 3-4 different accounting companies
* Next, it was ok to change industries. People went from accountant to financial planner to cupcake store owner
* Now: As seen in books from Tim Ferriss (The Four-hour Workweek) and Gary Vaynerchuk (Crush it), it’s more about lifestyle design, following your life’s passion and using new media to work where you want, when you want, doing what you want

– The new trend toward freelancing
A combination of the economy forcing companies to stay lean and cut back, increased telecommuting, and people trying to find a better work/life balance has led to a rise in freelancing. Find out how this has had an effect on Cheni’s business.

– Sunshine Suite “graduates,” small companies that have gone on to big things:
IGA Worldwide
Ableton Live
Vita Coco

– Spreading the word
How Sunshine Suites gets the word out through their marketing
Thanks to Cheni for a great interview and to Gary Vee for connecting us.

Helpful links:
Sunshine Suites Website
Follow on Twitter: Cheni | HopkinsonReport | Gary Vaynerchuk

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