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Hey everyone, I recorded my podcast on a Sunday morning, having just got back from a run. If you’ re a long-time listener, you know I’m a big fan of running, and I’ve said many times that I have never gone on a run when trying to figure out a podcast topic and NOT come back with a clear head, tons of ideas, and boundless energy.

I’m going to talk about the gear I use, the clothing I wear, the brands I trust, and throw in three bonus how-to’s:

– How to make your own training calendar
– How to make the perfect smoothie
– How to make a framed marathon ‘shadowbox’ for $25.

Note… this podcast ended up topping 45 minutes, my longest ever. I was going to break it into two parts, but decided if you’re not into running, you probably won’t listen to it, and thus won’t listen to the second part next week. However, if you ARE into running, you’ll find the entire show really valuable. So throw it on your iPod and head out for a long run.

Download the podcast from iTunes, or play it below:


One of the major marketing discoveries I pointed out, is that the following companies do not own their Twitter accounts:
@newbalance (not a corporate account)

Can you believe this??? It blows my mind. How the heck does a $30 Billion company like Nike not own their main Twitter account?

Is it possible that there’s not a single marketing person in the entire company that knows anything about social media and thinks it would be a good idea to secure that account?
Clearly there’s someone there that is manning @nikebasketball and tweeting to 30,000+ fans. Why not at least get the page so you can redirect people to other accounts?

Or is there a chance that it’s Twitter’s fault? I’m sure that Nike has a small army of lawyers, and there’s absolutely no question that Nike is an established, trademarked brand name.

Twitter should have no problem yanking the person with the Nike account (especially considering he has 0 followers).

I could see a gray area with the guy using the @puma account… at least he has a website using the same name and can show that he has historically used the name Puma in a non-competitive business.

I guess I have to give a huge shoutout to @saucony. Nice work!

Here’s a brief outline of what I cover:
My running clothing recommendations. As a lifelong runner, I tell you my picks for running shoes, socks, shorts, t-shirts, gloves, hats, and the interesting topic of tights.

My running gear recommendations. Cross a runner with a tech geek and you get a list including the iPod Nano, Nike+ iPod chip, the Marware chip holder, Incase neoprene iPod case, sunglasses, RoadID, what water bottle I DON’T recommend, and when I listen to podcasts vs. music.

The Nike+ community. The Nike+ tracking system has been an amazing breakthrough with runners, and they take it to the next level with their online community.


Jim’s nutrition picks
I describe the best time to eat and prepare my favorites, including
— Instant oatmeal (with other additions)
— Fig Newmans
— The best way to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly
— Whether or not runners should drink coffee
— My love for GU, and the easiest way to pick the best energy bar for you

Jim’s ultimate smoothie recipe

How to make a calendar and training guide for under $5. Download here.

How to make a Marathon Shadow Box Frame for $25 (not $175)


Finally, I go through my beginner marathon tips
– Training
– Nutrition
– The Mental Game

Keep on running!

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