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Hopkinson Report Guest of the Year candidates:
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– Alexa Von Tobel, Learnvest.com
– Andy McLoughlin, Huddle.net
– Anthony Casalena & Tyler Thompson, SquareSpace
– Brian Simpson & Adam Wallace, Roger Smith Hotel
– Daniel Odio, PointAbout
– David Veneski, Intel
– Elizabeth King, Outsmarting the SAT
– Helen Todd, The Kbuzzsurvey-thr-shirt
– Jana Eggers, Spreadshirt.com
– Jason Sadler, IWearYourShirt.com
– Josh Baer, Other Inbox
– Mike Barash, Blurb.com
– Mitch Joel, Twist Image / Six Pixels of Separation
– Nikki Martinez & Mike Dang, Unigo.com
– Peter LaMotte, Genius Rocket
– Rana Sobhany, Medialets
– Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite
– Sarah Prevette, RedWire (now Sprouter)
– Saul Colt, Freshbooks (now Thoora)
– The Gregory Brothers, Auto-Tune the News
– Tyler Peterson & Olivier Peyre, PleaseFixTheiPhone.com

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