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“E-mail is a fine tool for communication, but an awful tool for collaboration.’ — Andy McLoughlin

That statement — said with a British accent — is the basis for online collaboration tool Huddle.net.  I sat down with Andy McLoughlin, the co-founder of the company, and we covered the following topics:

– How Andy got his start at a Telco in the UK… until he got tired wearing a suit.
– Why is online collaboration still so hard?
– What’s the problem that The Huddle is trying to solve?
– Who is using Huddle.net, including agencies, governments, and charities.
– Did Business Week really call them ‘The Next Google?’
– How does the UK entrepreneur community compare to that in Silicon Valley?
– How does Andy’s company respond to Google Wave? Will Internet Explorer, a $10 billion market, and Sudoku prevent Google from being a true competitor?
What’s the revenue model? How Huddle.net charges for their popular features.
– What post-recession collaboration trends does Andy see, including a fractured, distributed workplace around the world.

Huddle Dashboard from Huddle.net on Vimeo.

Andy’s experience presenting at ‘The Gauntlet,’ a high-pressure ‘American Idol meets Venture Capital‘ presentation hosted by The Hatchery.

Think you’ve got a good business idea? Can you back it up?
Companies give their pitch as follows:
The egg timer starts and companies have 7 minutes to give their best pitch to an audience of more than 100, including a five-person expert panel comprised of attorneys, financiers, accountants, technologists, and investors. This allows entrepreneurs to reach a diverse group of influential leaders who can play a role in helping their companies succeed. The panel asks probing, deep-dive questions, then the audience gets their turn, followed by a final critique by the experts. Not for the feint of heart.

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Try it for free at www.Huddle.net
Bonus: Andy gives out a promo code for a free month of paid services near the end of the podcast.
New: The Huddle has just released an iPhone application!


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