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Daniel Odio demonstrates the Phone2Projector on The Hopkinson Report. from Jim Hopkinson on Vimeo.

In Episode 65, I interviewed Daniel Odio, co-founder and COO of a company called PointAbout.com. We geeked out and talked about gadgets for nearly 2 hours before settling down to record the podcast, but even then, we had so much great information, we had to break it into two parts.

Below: Part 2.
Also see: Part 1 of the Daniel Odio Interview.
Also see: Full Transcript of the Interview.

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Topics we cover:

How to get to the CEO:
– Daniel’s favorite book for sales tips
– How to write to the CEO and get your message across so that a company takes action from the top down.
– The optimum length e-mail
– How to find any CEO’s e-mail address
– How Daniel got a brand new Dell laptop sent to him in one day after a frustrating experience with overseas tech support

How to get the word out using social media
– The low-cost additional step you should be using to get more views from Vimeo and Youtube
– The fear to avoid when doing online video
– The most unlikely place Daniel does a video podcast (His car – see below)

Being an Entrepreneur = Always On from Daniel R. Odio on Vimeo.

– Why Henry Ford would love blogging
– A blogging techique that will save you hours of time
– Jim’s case study: Hopkinson How-to Guides
– How to update your blog via e-mail using Posterous.com
– Feed Google’s thirst for original content

– Changing the ways iPhone applications exist
– AppMakr.com – Cutting the cost of iPhone applications in 27 seconds
– The operating system Daniel feels will outsell the iPhone
– AppMakr’s pricing model
— $500 for unlimited demos
— $2000 1-time fee to build a real app and get it in the iTunes store
— Customized app (adding contact lists, GPS, etc)
– How ad agencies or companies like Burger King can constantly be testing
– Test – iterate – repeat

The future trends in mobile
– Web: from local to global (ex: local store can now be found anywhere)
– Mobile: from global to local (ex: like Yelp… I don’t care about a restaurant in California, if I’m in NYC, I want to know the closest sushi place on my block. And what do people think about it?  Mobile helps hyper-local
– Move from analog devices being digitized
– Ex. Blood pressure monitor plugs into iPhone
– Hooks into phone; upload, email to doctor, etc
– Improving the infrastructure of mobile
– Web: started basic… years before online banking and safe credit cards
– Mobile: games, etc. Soon: integrated, networked parking meters in cities. Use phone to get a map to open parking spaces
– You have your phone with you all the time, gateway to all things digital

Key Links:

Daniel: On Twitter | Personal Blog | Point About

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