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This week Apple announced the new iPhone 3G S, and all the fun hardware and software updates that go along with it. But did they fix all the items that people were clamoring for? Let’s find out.

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It’s June and that means the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference is going on, so all the die-hard fans can stop looking at the rumor sites featuring leaked bootleg photos from Chinese wholesalers guessing what will be announced. It’s here.

In the end, the phone itself was largely the same, with Steve Jobs and company giving it more speed, a longer battery life, and a video camera as major features. What, no Kindle-killer? No ultra-light “Macbook Touch” tablet? I guess I can go back to checking out netbooks.


But here’s the important fact for the millions of people like me that already have an iPhone 3G, and aren’t fanatical about buying every new piece of hardware that Cupertino pumps out. It’s the software.

So in a way, the announcement of updated iPhone 3.0 software in March was far more important. A few months ago while at SXSW, I interviewed Olivier and Tyler from the ad agency Full Six, who created a site called PleaseFixTheiPhone.com, which documented the dozens of features that they felt were left out.

We talked about the challenges of developing for the iPhone, and what the top 5 most-wanted features were.  After we hear what they had to say back then, I’ll let you know if Apple answered people’s wishes.

Tyler Peterson and Olivier Peyre from PleaseFixTheiPhone.com
(Play the podcast above to hear the full interview)


The top 5 requests to improve the iPhone were:

1) Running apps in the background. Did they get it in the new 3.0 software? No.
But you know who did? The Palm Pre, giving it a major selling point when they try to differentiate itself vs. the iPhone.

2) MMS messaging. Yes… when AT&T gets around to it “late summer.”
This will be a welcome addition.

3) Copy and paste. Yes.
It’s amazing how many people are so excited about something this simple.

4) The ability to wirelessly sync. No.
While there are some enhancements with Bluetooth, it does not appear that you can simply sync your iPhone without plugging it in, with the possible exception of their paid MobileMe service.

5) Horizontal keyboard. Yes.
All you texting fanatics just got a little bit faster.

As for the marketing, I’m sure Apple has a slew of new commercials tee’d up and ready to appeal to our inner geek. So sit back and enjoy the ride… well, until it’s time for the next new product to come along.




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