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At the SXSW Interactive festival in mid-March, I interviewed several fantastic, interesting individuals and small companies that are on the leading edge of using social media and marketing on the web.

This podcast interviews entrepreneur Joshua Baer from Other Inbox, and he has the key for curing email overload, and for a Tesla Roadster.

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Here are some of the topics we covered:

What is Other Inbox and what does it do?

Take a look at your inbox. How many items in there? 10? 40? 100?  Over 500?

Face it, everyone has a problem with too much email, so it’s going to be up to innovators in the space to help us manage it. Josh talks about his company and the widespread problem of e-mail overload.

Other Inbox not only makes it faster to isolate and focus on the important items in your inbox, but it can help you clear through the less important mails quicker as well.

How he got involvedJim Hopkinson of Wired and Josh Baer of Other Inbox

Josh reveals that his background was actually on the opposite end of the spectrum. As an young entrepreneur running a “dorm room dot-com,” he founded a company that helps corporations SEND billions of e-mails per month.

But like a CEO at Krispy Kreme taking a job at Weight Watchers, he appreciated both sides of the email coin, from the consumer and the marketing perspective. And that’s how Other Inbox came to life.

How does it work?

Other Inbox is free to set up and works in conjunction with Gmail to make your inbox smaller. How the heck does it do that? Listen to the podcast to see how Using OtherInbox is like a geek doing laundry.

How is OtherInbox getting the word out with their marketing?Mr Spam Other Inbox

We talk about using social media to spread the word about their new product, including their use of Twitter while they were in Beta mode. We discuss:

– 2 key things they learned while using Twitter

– why it was so important to use a public forum

And if that’s not enough, we introduce you to OIB Superhero  Mr. Spam. Every company needs a mascot, right? But can you guess if he loves spam, or hates it?

Lastly, we discuss his bright orange Tesla Roadster electic car.

Josh waited three years for the delivery of production car # 83 from Tesla Motors, and our Geek Gearhead side emerges as we take a quick second to:

– Talk Torque

– Articulate Acceleration and

– Rhapsodize RPMs.

Find out if a mini tragedy involving an 18-wheeler will affect the multiple levels of appreciation Josh has for his electric car, and the process you need to know if you want to take a ride with him.


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