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At the SXSW Interactive festival in mid-March, I interviewed several fantastic, interesting individuals and small companies that are on the leading edge of using social media and marketing on the web.

This podcast interviews Peter LaMotte from Genius Rocket, a company providing high quality custom graphic design and videos, crowdsourced by thousands of creators around the world.SXSW Logo

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Here are some of the topics we covered.

Peter Lamotte Genius Rocket

Crowdsourced videos for SXSWWhen you’re throwing one of the largest conferences covering interactive, film, and music, online video better be one of the elements of your promotional plan.

Well, that WAS the plan, until the ad agency that was working on SXSW’s promo videos unexpectedly backed out, leaving the organizers with quite the dilemma.

Enter the 10,000-strong community of crowdsourced creative producers from Genius Rocket to answer the call. Ironically, of the 35 videos generated during the contest, it was local boy Erik Lauritzen of Austin, TX that took 1st place.

However, in a testament to the power of crowdsourcing, one of the top finalists hailed all the way from Italy. Peter tells the story of how it all happened. View the top video below, or all four finalists on the Genius Rocket website.

The $10,000 logo
While ad agencies are often tremendously helpful in defining a brand vision and producing award-winning creative, two downsides include 1) cost and 2) limited options.

In fact, Peter tells the story of how one company was charged $10,000 for logo development, and in the end wasn’t pleased with the result! They turned to Genius Rocket, and for $500, they were given a variety of logos to choose from, ended up happy, resulting in the quote, “I wish we knew about you $10,000 ago!”

Crowdsourcing hot topics

– Controversy around spec work… Is spec work evil? How do you protect the artist?

– What are the additional steps needed when crowdsourcing video?

– Does the artist get page if the client backs out?





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