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At the SXSW Interactive festival in mid-March, I interviewed several fantastic, interesting individuals and small companies that are on the leading edge of using social media and marketing on the web.

This podcast interviews Helen Todd at the Kbuzz, a Word of Mouth and Social Media Marketing firm that creates and sustains buzz through innovative marketing concepts, communities, and conversations.

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Here are my quick thoughts on some of the topics we covered.

TweetsGiving, the first project to use Twitter for social change

This was a great story of Charitable organization Epic Change, who wanted to demonstrate the power of social media. Through the use of Twitter, some of the service’s major influencers, and asking the simple question, “What are you thankful for,” they kicked off a campaign and ended up raising $10,000 in just 48 hours.

The unique social media tactic this project used to give concrete evidence that donation money was actually used

You’ll need to listen to the podcast to hear how they did it, but the step-by-step process that TweetsGiving took to take the user through awareness, donation, and then physically showing them what their donation paid for is simply brilliant. There’s no doubt that Twitter users and bloggers have a bit of an ego, and love to see their names on the web, and this strategy took advantage of that.

TweetLuck, asking the question, what makes you lucky?

Following up the successful TweetsGiving program was TweetLuck, launched during SXSW around St. Patrick’s day. This program offered tiered donations, including:

– A one-time donation of $7.77

– A recurring donation of $7.77 per month or $77.77 per year

– A high roller donation of $777Helen Todd the Kbuzz

The reason programs like this work is due to the concept of microdonations. No longer does a company need to throw an elaborate charity ball at $250 per plate and hope that a few key investors donate thousands. Instead, due to the power and breadth of the internet, thousands of microdonations of less than $10 can have the same effect and grow funds quickly and efficiently. A nice gentleman named Barack Obama implemented this tactic as well and won himself an election.

Why social media ISN’T the answer on it’s own

The key take-away at the end of the interview was that social media, on it’s own, is not the answer to all that ails the world. There are still thousands of charitable organizations that have been around for years, with staffs that know the inner workings of social change that can connect all the dots to make a real difference. But the key is that networks like Twitter and Facebook allow them to connect with communities and facilitate giving in a more efficient manner.


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