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Freshbooks.com interview – Saul Colt, the ‘Head of Magic’ uses social media and retro marketing to build a loyal following. from Jim Hopkinson on Vimeo.

Wouldn’t it be great if ALL companies…

  • Took their customers to free dinners
  • Sent their users flowers when they’ve had a bad day
  • Received a 99% positive referral rating
  • Had an entrepreneurial blog and irreverent newsletter
  • Had a Twitter following so passionate that users solved problems
  • Instilled a little bit of “magic” into everyday life?

Well, if you’re a marketer, a manager, or public relations rep trying to improve your company’s image, then my interview with Saul Colt, ‘Head of Magic’ for the online invoicing company ‘Freshbooks,’ is a must-listen.

Our 20-minute conversation is a marketing case study for using social media and “retro marketing” to grow a loyal following. We discuss:

  • How Freshbooks was born out of frustration that many freelancers face
  • Why they take their customers — even non-paying ones — to free dinners
  • What just might happen if you get stood up on a blind date
  • His title, and what happens when the “Head of Magic” heads to Las Vegas
  • Why he has a Love-Hate relationship with Zappos.com
  • The iPhone promotion that differentiated them from every other company
  • Their CEO’s blog post “The 7 Ways I’ve Almost Killed Freshbooks
  • How their iPhone app helps on-the-go freelancers keep better records

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