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You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into’ is not the phrase you want to hear when you’re about to make the most important decision of your young life. Yet with thousands of dollars, years of our lives, and our future earnings at stake, a generation crossed our fingers and chose a college. But based on what criteria, exactly?

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As I look back at my pre-internet decision, it was based primarily on two factors… a half day campus tour by a student paid by the college to show it in it’s best light… and a slickly-packaged guidebook, also produced by guess who.

I didn’t really know what the food, the sports scene, the Greek system, the dating scene, or the political landscape was. If you asked me if I saw the inside of a dorm room or a classroom on that tour, I don’t really remember.

So I was excited to have Nikki Martinez and Mike Dang talk about Unigo.com, a new, free online resource that shows high school students and the rest of the world what life is really like at the nation’s colleges.

Unigo.com tells you what your college is really like from Jim Hopkinson on Vimeo.

Not only do they currently have the basic statistical data on hundreds of colleges, but students and editors from coast to coast had logged over 30,000 pieces of content at startup, uploading photos, shooting videos, and writing essays about their college experience. The quotes and surveys are honest and uncensored, and input from the schools themselves is not allowed.

In my interview, I discuss:
– How the company was founded
– How are colleges responding to this, defensive or embracing it?
– How are the students embracing it
– Breaking the stereotypes colleges have earned
– Unigo editorial topics
– Plans for 2009

Hot College Topics
-    What non-football establishment do USC students love?
-    What college can ‘Drink you under the table, but do it with class and hospitality?’
-    For which college did Unigo respondents openly talk about on-campus suicides?
-    What expensive college has many students transferring after their freshman year?

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