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Top10 podcast marketing tips

This is the second half of my ‘How to make a podcast’ podcast presentation. It features:

  • 10 tips for marketing your podcast
  • A live demo using GarageBand

Because it is based on a presentation I made at my friend’s Advanced Digital Media class at NYU and some was recorded live, your best bet this week is to listen to the podcast for all the details not listed in the blog post below.

Play Episode (recommended):

Or read as summarized blog post:

In How to make a podcast Part 1, I talked about the basics, such as choosing your topic, the equipment needed, startup costs, and uploading XML and MP3 files.

Today I’m going run through a Top 10 list of tips for marketing your podcast, and put together a quick demo in GarageBand.

Jim’s Top 10 Marketing Tips

10. Create Top 10 Lists (or 6 or 7 or 12)

I’ve done this in the past with some of my episodes:
-10 Tips for Effective Communication
-10 Questions for Webmonkey.com Editor Michael Calore
-10 Things I Taught My Interns
-BS Degree: 6 College Myths + How to Save 90% on Tuition
-Double Vision: 7 reasons I Hate Buying Glasses
-The Tokyo 12: A Dozen Marketing and Cultural Observations about Japan

9. Create a Blog
-Great for search engines
-Complete the cycle
-Make money
-Check out www.ProBlogger.net

8. Add photos and videos
-Quicker than full video podcast

7. Interview people that can promote you

6. Create an account on Twitter (such as twitter.com/hopkinsonreport)

5. Promote your blog and podcast on Facebook

4. Respond to e-mail and comments
– Connect with your users
– Show personality
– Leave your URL

3. Follow your blog, topics, and trends in Google Alerts

2. Work for the man
– Become the marketing guy for a company that reaches over 15 million people and create an ad for your podcast on their network.
– Which comes first? Is the grass greener?

1. Stay involved in the non-digital world
– Meet real-life people!
– Keep up with your industry / niche
– Take classes | Go to trade shows
– Read magazines | Listen to other podcasts
– Go to parties | volunteer
– Give them your business card


GarageBand Demo:

– Choose your intro music
– Choose a short transition effect
– Record an introduction voiceover
– Record your opening remarks
– The effect of background beats
– Adding sound effects
– Using voice effects such as ‘megaphone’
– Correcting stumbles and stutters
– Recording your outtro music

Thanks and see you next week!

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