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Roomorama.com founders

Have you ever thought about what it takes to create and market your own business? The founders of Roomorama.com have taken an existing niche business idea and added social media to it. I interview the founders, Jia and Federico, to see what they’ve learned.

They’ve taken the concept of connecting people looking for short-term apartment rentals in major cities, and added a twist of social media.

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We cover the following topics:

Making the leap from 9-to-5 worker to entrepreneur

  • How did they get started?
  • What problem did they see that they were passionate about solving?
  • Jia’s reaction the week before she quit her day job

Product positioning

  • Handling online financial transactions
  • Funding a small business
  • The Roomorama revenue model
  • Creating a win-win situation with customers
  • Advantage of Roomorama vs. competitors like Craig’s List
  • Using the community and transparency to build trust

Social Media Marketing tips and techniques

  • The smartest marketing decision they’ve made
  • Getting your company noticed on the New York Times and Boston.com
  • Tips for spreading word of mouth marketing — without a budget
  • Effective networking techniques
  • What is more effective? Paid search or organic?
  • Where should companies focus more of their time, marketing or technology?


Roomorama reviews: CNET | Thrillist | Boston Globe | Frommer

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