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Jim interviews political reporter Sarah Lai Stirland about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and how social media is changing the 2008 political race.

Wired.com Political Reporter Sarah Lai Stirland

Last week I had a great interview with political reporter Sarah Lai Stirland. Not only is she a well-respected writer on Wired.com’s political blog, Threat Level, but she has a smashing British accent to make the podcast even more intriguing.

What would it be like if the next President gave updates on Twitter? What if he continually updated his Facebook status and uploaded photos of White House events? The next time our president takes a vacation at Camp David or attends a peacemaking meeting in the Middle East, maybe he could take a video camera and post a few clips on YouTube. And what kind of cell phone does our leader pack in his pocket? Is he in line for an iPhone 3G? Banging out text messages on a Sidekick? Or sticking to a time-tested Razr?

Obama Facebook Status

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