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Wired.com’s marketing guy asks his favorite music trivia question, talks about extending brand ubiquity, and investigates marketing gimmicks that work.

Music Trivia: Name a situation where the name of a band, the name of an album, and the name of a song are exactly the same. I give the answer at the end of the podcast.

Meanwhile, I investigate self-promotion and branding, including rock bands, GoDaddy.com, Laurel Touby of Mediabistro and her feather boas, and Scott Ginsberg, a man that took branding so far, he tattooed his brand on his chest. Visit his site at HelloMyNameIsScott.com.

Finally, I look at the kings (and queens) of self-promotion, including Tiger Woods, Larry King, Howard Stern, Don King, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and Paul Newman.

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